Example sentences of "more than [num] times as [adj] " in BNC.

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1 The latest Confederation of British Industry survey of manufacturing companies shows that more than six times as many companies expect to maintain or increase their investment in training over the next year than expect to reduce it .
2 The Chinese have maintained a stable agriculture for 4,000 years and feed more than four times as many people per acre as we do .
3 The fact that more than four times as many Soviet warheads were to be withdrawn as American ones gave rise to particular misgivings .
4 In the past three years , the MSC 's influence , as in England , has grown considerably ; for example , the number of training workshops has grown to twelve , offering more than four times as many places as three years ago .
5 The Higher Grade Schools charged only 9d a week , and the Grammar School fees were now £9 a year , or more than four times as great .
6 They charged $366 billion to general-purpose credit-cards last year , more than five times as much as in 1980 ; outstanding credit-card debt rose sevenfold to $177 billion over the decade .
7 In western Germany in 1990 the building industry produced more than five times as much rubbish as turned up in municipal solid waste — and most of it was simply tipped into Germany 's scarce landfill space .
8 However , in addition to the lord ( Barking Abbey ) , and the king , who received 12s. ‘ in Certentye ’ , the muster lists a total of ten absentee and sixteen resident landholders , i.e. more than five times as many as in 1548 .
9 If we take the ‘ developing countries ’ as a group , compared with the ‘ more developed countries ’ , infant mortality ( in the first year ) is more than five times as high in the first group as it is in the second ; but during the years from one to four — that is , after weaning — the mortality rate in the developing countries is forty times as high as elsewhere : forty deaths for every thousand children surviving their first year , compared with one per thousand in the more developed areas ( Pate , 1965 ) .
10 Iota¹ ; may look unspectacular , but it is immensely powerful , and may be more than 150000 times as luminous as the Sun .
11 A closer look at the DoNH budget reveals extraordinary disparities ; including the fact that they will , by 1995–96 , be giving more than 10 times as much to each of several central London museums than they are for all the national activities and programmes of the English Tourist Board .
12 People over 85 cost the health service , on average , more than 13 times as much as peopled aged 5–64 .
13 This will store more than 50 times as much data as the floppy disks with the biggest storage capacity !
14 An early estimate suggested that it was more than seven times as high , when social disadvantage was defined by the presence of all three of the following indices : overcrowding ( more than 1.5 persons per room ) , low income ( supplementary benefit or free school meals ) and adverse family circumstances ( coming from a single-parent home or a home with more than five children ) ( Wedge and Prosser , 1973 ) .
15 For people living in the same area , those in the most expensive properties should pay not more than three times as much — the maximum variation — as those in the least expensive properties .
16 Among Tories , more than three times as many would want Mr Major to negotiate with the Liberal Democrats as with the Unionists .
17 A study of a small savings bank in Massachusetts found that its branch-based salesmen sold more than three times as many policies as agents hired by the bank to do the same job , and five times as many as agents working directly for an insurer .
18 There are now over 11 million shareholders , more than three times as many as in 1979 .
19 More than three times as many men as women killed themselves during that time , the Minister for Health , Brendan Howlin , disclosed .
20 The 10–14 year olds are the most at risk group of all , with the under-14 's more than three times as likely as adults to be injured on any particular foot journey .
21 They were more than three times as likely as the unemployed to be part of an income unit with an income of more than £100 per week ( 14 per cent and 4 per cent ) and half as likely to have an income of less than £50 a week ( 19 per cent and 41 per cent ) .
22 Figure 7.4 shows that women under age 50 who were still married to their first husband were more than three times as likely to be owner-occupiers than local authority tenants .
23 This is amply illustrated by Table 11.1 , which shows the basic statistics for each station , including the 30-second average cost per thousand for 1991 , which suggests that a customer in London is judged , by the market at least , to be more than three times as valuable as a customer in Ulster or Border regions .
24 So far this month 465 deaths , and more than ten times as many suspected cases , have been reported in Zambia , black Africa 's most urbanised country .
25 When the process is completed , Dr Ziolo 's nanocomposite is more than ten times as magnetic at room temperature as iron borate .
26 The population of Zambia is less than half Nepal 's , in a land area of more than ten times as large .
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