Example sentences of "[verb] [adv prt] from time to time " in BNC.

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1 It seemed to me that the theatre I wanted to work in from time to time was the British theatre , so I have never contemplated living in America .
2 I wandered in from time to time looking , usually , for something which was out of print or which no other bookseller had come around to stocking .
3 To return to the example , the non-distressed parent may choose to make explicit to the friend her own thinking , such as ‘ well , the children do usually obey us and every parent gets wound up from time to time with their child ’ .
4 Commercial users of grain such as brewers of beer or vinegar or producers of starch were also picked out from time to time .
5 He was , was he just moved on from time to time , or were they voluntary moves ?
6 Until some genius does so , controversies like the one which surrounded this year 's Mildmay Course at Aintree , are bound to crop up from time to time .
7 They ought to have been eliminated by now , or is there a mutation that continues to crop up from time to time ?
8 Such errors show up from time to time as inconsistencies in the records , but much worse are those that go undetected , and which could lead to the wrong conclusions being drawn when the records are analysed .
9 Other sorts of dates do , however , crop up from time to time , namely the regnal year of a particular ruler , such as one of the Ptolemaic kings of Egypt .
10 However , business lunches may crop up from time to time — and also evening invitations which involve dining at restaurants .
11 Entering it he could imagine her sitting there in the summer days and evenings , working on the papers which she occasionally contributed to ornithological journals and looking up from time to time to gaze out over the headland to the sea and the far horizon , could see again that carved , weather-browned Aztec face with its hooded eyes under the grey-black hair , drawn back into a bun , could hear again a voice which , for him , had been one of the most beautiful female voices he had ever heard .
12 Your two crystals grow visibly : they break up from time to time and the pieces also grow .
13 Wallace saw the great northern continents of Eurasia and North America as the chief focus of progressive evolution from which higher types had radiated out from time to time .
14 To a very large extent this is what Ashton does in A Month in the Country where the non-dancers speak out from time to time in explicit gestures .
15 They were closed down from time to time and checked the day prior to our morning operation .
16 I just pop up from time to time to see if Bob 's all right . ’
17 Price was working in Sheffield but was willing to help out from time to time .
18 Stand back from time to time and take a look at the big picture .
19 Peter erm you 'll see around from time to time , he does all the design stuff erm and Christine erm looks after all the hangings and and stuff .
20 Finally , he makes considerable use of ‘ natural experiments ’ , the sociological , or in this case literary , device , of studying those natural contrasts which crop up from time to time .
21 Oh I 'll be popping in from time to time .
22 Not a pleasant task but the men get a bit browned-off sitting on their hunkers here , doing precious little but dig , and insecure grumbles to their wives and girl friends creep in from time to time .
23 It is never a good idea to sit for long periods but , if this is essential , get up from time to time in order to move the body .
24 So they need fresh enemies ordered up from time to time just to keep their chins jutting .
25 A little later , at 7 p.m. , the whole scene was lit up from time to time by electrical discharges , and at one time the cloud above the mountain presented ‘ the appearance of an immense pine tree , with the stem and branches formed with volcanic lightning ’ .
26 Your crystal grows visibly : it breaks up from time to time and the pieces also grow …
27 Apart from the measly sums she doled out from time to time , the allowance was Benedict 's by right , for it was left in trust for him by her husband .
28 My hon. Friend , who has been courteous and kind in meeting delegations led by me and by other hon. Members to discuss the problem , has pointed out from time to time that the scheme is the responsibility of the county council .
29 What F writes need be no more than barely ‘ understandable ’ , provided that he throws in from time to time some ‘ historical terminology ’ , which he need not necessarily understand , nor use appropriately .
30 The first few days in Bavant were fairly quiet as far as the enemy activity was concerned , with a few mortar bombs coming over from time to time .
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