Example sentences of "[noun] can be just as [adj] " in BNC.

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1 An old fashioned stone yard is ideal , but a good clean well built modern set of stables can be just as good .
2 ‘ blind kids can be just as spiteful as other kids . ’
3 Activity in any single unit can farm part of many representations and the inactivity of a cell can be just as important for representing something as its activity .
4 Bank fishing can be just as productive as fishing from a boat , so even during the high winds that are your frequent companion on Orkney , anglers can always find a sheltered corner from which to attack .
5 Acts of Parliament and committee recommendations do cause a shift of emphasis , but social and political pressures , academic research , and evolving classroom practice can be just as influential .
6 The result is that the books can be just as amusing on second reading , which is just as well given the ambitious content .
7 Parents can be just as sensitive to school as their five-year-old child .
8 People accuse the whites of being prejudiced , but blacks can be just as bad .
9 On those rare days when the weather has run out of rain and the sun has driven away the clouds , the wrong packed lunch can be just as disastrous .
10 Voluntary work in the community can be just as useful as anything you may have done in a paid capacity .
11 ‘ The loss of a pet can be just as upsetting as the death of a member of the family because people become so attached to them , ’ she said .
12 The loss could well be considerably higher , particularly if you are male or heavily overweight ; but over-high expectations can be just as demoralizing as very slow weight loss , so we are taking a restrained attitude .
13 Steam cleaning can be just as effective outside as in .
14 There is a wealth of cheap software written especially for education , but standard application packages can be just as beneficial .
15 If heavy bushes are out of place , graceful grasses can be just as efficient .
16 The idea is to show that environment-friendly modes of transport can be just as quick , if not quicker , than the private motor car .
17 But in a moment of anxiety , a kind smile can be just as lasting .
18 He continued : ‘ It is perhaps encouraging that Scotland has suffered less than most regions , however , although the average fraud perpetrated in Scotland tends to be smaller than in some regions , the impact on Scottish businesses can be just as damaging . ’
19 Even if you have n't a pool , a large bucket of water can be just as good if you have the right kind of toys .
20 Experiences that inhibit us as learners can be just as important in this respect as experiences that help .
21 National brewing giants such as Allied or Whitbread , though , are not the only villains ; small independent firms can be just as insensitive in their treatment of their tied houses .
22 A transparency sent round in a cab or a special piece of artwork produced at short notice can be just as valuable as an exciting launch or a slap-up lunch .
23 In other departments the approach to assessment was deliberately kept as informal and flexible as possible , as in the following extended quotation from the Head of Drama at ‘ Pope John Paul ’ , which illustrates that this type of apparent informality can be just as thorough and searching , if not more so , than many supposedly more objective methods :
24 This is why less sleep can be just as effective in restoring us physically , though we may be used to sleeping longer .
25 This latter is quite an important point , because although it may not be immediately obvious , a deposit which consists only of large particles can be just as well-sorted as one which consists only of small ones .
26 But unofficial links can be just as significant as more overt official association , as in the close association of business and financial interests with the Conservative Party .
27 The aim is to demonstrate that environment-friendly modes can be just as quick and efficient , if not more so , than the private motor car .
28 Varying the textures within this sort of monochromatic colour scheme can be just as interesting and lively as a scheme full of more obvious contrasts .
29 Two-player games are great fun , of course , but playing solo can be just as good with a full World Cup tournament and the MicroProse Challenge — playing all international teams in order of difficulty .
30 Prescribing unnecessary drugs or too many medicines can be just as bad for your health as prescribing too few .
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