Example sentences of "let go of the [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 On the screen they had let go of the puerto Rican mass murderer 's trousers and he was on his way to the sidewalk , head first , at about seventy miles an hour .
2 The policeman had not let go of the stranger .
3 Jane thought she 'd better not offer to shake hands in case he let go of the stick and fell over .
4 He let go of the doorknob and thrust his hands back into his pockets .
5 The gods smiled on them and she let go of the past .
6 She let go of the rail and stepped across the landing .
7 He let go of the door he was clutching for support and tested the muscles in his legs .
8 She let go of the glass ( whether deliberately or not is unknown ) and the victim was cut by broken glass .
9 He let go of the handle , and put his large hands round hers , to hold the shears .
10 It sidestepped nervously , reared , and the slave leading it let go of the rein .
11 She let go of the cabinet , coughing in the dust of ages that appeared to be lurking behind it , and smiled back at him as the February sun shone through the small window behind her , throwing into sharp relief the patches on the wall where her predecessor had hung posters , and the ingrained dirt on the flaking paintwork round the mean , narrow , metal window .
12 Apply the brakes before you let go of the pushchair , even on the flat .
13 THEN you let go of the latch so that the first loop slides over and is cast off .
14 Finally the travel agent 's son let go of the ball .
15 All Taureans , especially those of you born between May 9 and 17 , will find life easier if you let go of the past without a struggle and become open to different avenues of opportunity .
16 By tying an autobloc knot above the abseil plate ( Fig 2 ) and clipping this to your harness on a short sling , a sliding prusik is created which will lock automatically if you let go of the rope , as for instance if hit by stonefall .
17 You plot along at a steady crawl wondering if you 'll ever reach that far-off doorway , let go of the joystick as soon as you get there , then promptly take another pace !
18 ‘ Was I the fool who let go of the rudder when the ship was on top of the rock there ?
19 Donna let go of the door and allowed Ryker to grab her other hand .
20 Caspar let go of the sill and slid rapidly to the ground with a bump , looking a bit sick .
21 The trail goes steeply down and the speed increases , and I let go of the sledge rail to wipe my goggles — a fatal move .
22 Miranda nearly let go of the cup she was carrying .
23 I let go of the beam and dropped with bent legs so as to splash down softly and felt the breath rush out of my lungs from the iciness of the river .
24 Giving a bellow of pain and rage , Raimundo jumped a foot in the air and let go of the pony , who took off , jerking to a halt as the slack of the rope ran out .
25 So I let go of the pendant , gathered myself , and looked around .
26 Now let go of the tension as you breathe out with a sigh of relief .
27 Catching hold of her and she could n't get back do you seem because he had slipped this hand down this stick , got hold of her and he you see , and then I let go of the dog and take the the front feet and we used to drag her out like that you see , from the burrow and put her in a bag .
28 She came to value what she had learnt from her difficult childhood , and to let go of the past .
29 Are you willing to let go of the past and reach for the future ?
30 Perhaps this is due to a reluctance to let go of the past , and perhaps too there is a parallel in other parts of the garden with the modern revival of interest in ‘ wild ’ and ‘ natural ’ gardens and plants .
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