Example sentences of "just about the [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Scaup must be just about the loneliest farm in England , tucked down in the shelter of the hills with Kielder Forest 's dark mass blocking its southward view and the narrowing valley of the burn filling half the sky to the north .
2 The Tan Hill Inn is the highest public house in England and for my money just about the loneliest .
3 I started to read newspapers and magazines more , and , for just about the first time in my life , I began to take an interest in current affairs .
4 During the Thirties when we were all in the big bands , I remember the really fiery jazz clarinet he used to play with us in the Bag O' Nails , just about the first jazz club in Britain . ’
5 He 'd looked round and it had seemed like just about the first place he 'd seen , and some part of him deep down had said : It 's got to be somewhere , why not here ?
6 Ian Rush fed the ball to Steve McManaman , who for just about the first time was decisive with his delivery , hitting the ball low across the face of the goal , and there was Walters at the far post to tap it in .
7 There you were , come to save our pathetic little radio station , and just about the first thing you did was scoop that concert in Harare , and at the height of the cultural boycott , because you 'd emphasised our independent nature .
8 And as it turned out , staying inside Armstrong was just about the cleverest thing I did that night .
9 The images say so much , not just about the extraordinary grace of ferns , but about their place in the environment .
10 Yet for all that , health provides just about the bloodiest battleground in British politics today .
11 It should be noted that the members of the Newbolt Committee , like other influential educationist such as Ernest Barker , were concerned not just about the working class , but also with the middle class , and particularly the salaried workers whose numbers were increasing so dramatically after the war .
12 Some burning sun , black clouds , rain and wind were the backdrop to another highly agreeable fortnight in Paris at just about the perfect time of year .
13 They both married , with Madge going to live in Cotherstone , just about the nearest village to us , and Violet staying near the bottom of the dale .
14 SAVING the punchline till last , just about the best joke of a pretty unfunny decade comes in its dying days .
15 SAVING the punchline till last , just about the best joke of a pretty unfunny decade comes in its dying days .
16 ‘ And I 've got just about the best security around , ’ he says .
17 There were three Sixes , and Trusty was just about the best Guider any Pack could wish for .
18 If an overweight man in his fifties who is a heavy smoker , has a family history of heart disease and is working in a stressful job were to decide to ‘ get fit ’ and invite a colleague for a game of squash for the first time in twenty years , he would be doing just about the best he could to give himself a heart attack .
19 Major Bugler was just about the best of these on the level — winning a competitive handicap at Ascot in October .
20 Just about the best of these over timber , he made a successful debut over fences at Carlisle and further improvement seems likely over today 's longer trip .
21 I said yes automatically — it 's just about the best Pakistani restaurant in town .
22 Just about the best British sax player since Tubby Hayes . ’
23 The arguments are not just about the possible extent of de-skilling .
24 ‘ The ride is firm , but there 's no body roll and the engine is just about the sweetest I 've ever had . ’
25 That is a pity : the price of financial distress is just about the only way in which the cost of capital for firms plausibly differs between the two rivals over the longer term .
26 ‘ They were just about the only times we set eyes on them , ’ she went on .
27 ‘ It was just about the only song I knew the words to and was an impromptu thing , but it got things started .
28 The most popular ethnic cuisines are Chinese , Italian , Mexican and Japanese , and just about the only restaurants you wo n't find in any great number are Indian .
29 In fact the Jag is just about the only one that can really wipe the smiles off their drivers ' faces , unless you 're talking Rolls-Royce or Bentley .
30 In addition the set includes the Fairy 's Kiss Divertimento , a substantial Petrushka Suite with just about the only really convincing performance I have ever heard of Stravinsky 's concert ending , and Prokofiev 's Scythian Suite and Le Pas d'Acier .
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