Example sentences of "let me just [vb infin] " in BNC.

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1 As I have the text in front of me , let me just remind him of the conclusions of the comparison between the preparedness of British young people and German young people for employment on the strength of the education and training systems in the two countries .
2 And let me just remind you of the principles of this technique .
3 Okay , let me just remind you of that competition question we 're running at the moment er , the first of three video competitions we have this evening .
4 Let me just rinse my hands they 're horrible !
5 Erm in fact a similar effect happens , I 'll be mentioning this in the lecture but let me just mention it now .
6 Let me just mention some of the ways in which you , the volunteers , are getting together , enriching your skills and supporting each other generally in support of the seventy fifth .
7 Let me just mention erm just a few .
8 Let me just explain , if you ca n't make it , or if you do n't want to do it , I will er re-do it all again in the lecture next Friday at eleven .
9 They may , let me just explain the track then , in those situations they may well be investing in the depots , maintenance and so on , but let me just
10 Let me just explain exactly what we do .
11 Let me just explain where er what the erm options we have here today .
12 Right let me just explain then just just for the sake of completeness .
13 But let me just tell you this ; self-pity will destroy you far more assuredly then Ryan could ever have done . ’
14 Look no let me just tell you what the
15 But let me just tell you we it 's all counted , it 's all written down .
16 Which I know is all a lot of money and let me just tell you here , what we have spent this year on advertising .
17 No Let me just tell what is actually happening .
18 Truran , Truran , Truran , let me just tell you , I 'm tape recording you not filming you .
19 But as I am reflecting now , let me just leave you with this thought about morale .
20 Do , let me just drink this and I 'll do you .
21 Let me just finish off now by illustrating what leads to the outcome and how a a of a particular infectious condition and the combination of the factors that we think lead to these outcomes .
22 Let me just finish this off .
23 Let me just finish
24 Okay , let me just finish this section then we 'll take er we 'll er we 'll take a break to er take a break for the rest of the day actually yes .
25 No thank you , I , please let me just finish clearing and I 'll , I 'll get it finished off quickly .
26 let me just finish this game
27 I 'll be with you in a minute , let me just finish making the tea
28 erm I 'm conscious of the fact that I 've been going on for perhaps too long and I may not have said quite enough about Darwin , but let me just finish by saying this that it 's not possible today , I believe , to discuss any important problem in biology without Darwin 's thought being absolutely central to what you 're saying all the time .
29 And I 'll see you next , let me just make a note of this , on this form , a green form .
30 Well let me just start again .
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