Example sentences of "at one and the same time " in BNC.

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1 History was sex , French was sex , art was sex , the Bible , poetry , penfriends , games , music , everything was sex except biology which was obviously sex but obviously not really sex , not the one which was secret and ecstatic and wicked and a sacrament and all the things it was supposed to be at one and the same time — I got that in the boiler room and it turned out to be biology after all .
2 For this faction , the term ‘ just war ’ has secular as well as religious appeal , an ambiguity which permits them to communicate their cause in direct fashion to left-wing British and right-wing American groups at one and the same time .
3 Their limbs , torsos and heads can make straight , angled or rounded lines , usually at one and the same time , according to the natural structure of the dancers ' bones and how they are activated by the muscles .
4 Les Noces practises the art of the general and the art of the particular at one and the same time .
5 Douglas Jay observed that the later 1970s were a time of genuine recovery — ‘ one of the few examples of any Western governments in the seventies reducing both inflationary pressures and unemployment ’ at one and the same time .
6 Yet it managed to raise prices and to add to inflation at one and the same time .
7 Thus , men like Derek Hatton , the leader of Merseyside , and Ken Livingstone , who led the Greater London Council ( after a brutal coup which removed the previous Labour leader , Andrew McIntosh ) became symbols of ideological extremism and financial extravagance at one and the same time .
8 Notions of the freedom and autonomy of the self are at one and the same time inverted and used to pervert the ethical and metaphysical values which such a self is or was supposed to instantiate .
9 He suggests that blacks have been ‘ at one and the same time both more accepting of and more hostile towards homosexuality ’ , and that the hostility has often been extreme — as in the case of Eldridge Cleaver 's notorious attack on James Baldwin ( Altman , Homosexual Oppression , esp .
10 He treats both subjects with a wit which is lucid and ambiguous at one and the same time , so that I recalled Charles Lamb 's remark about the possibility of obscurity through too much meaning .
11 Now , briefly , possibly for the very first time in his life , he felt helpless and miserable at one and the same time .
12 The presence of two tricksters on stage at one and the same time is bound to make for comedy , and so it does here .
13 To their extraordinary stories we Christians can add another , of a man on a cross , whose body is twisted in the shape of God 's pain , and whose eyes blaze with his love and his anger at one and the same time .
14 That is why it is possible for a Christian in particular to feel at one and the same time joyful because the person who has died has entered eternal life , and overwhelmingly sad , or guilty , or relieved at the thought that they have died and the survivor is left with vast changes to absorb into their life pattern .
15 On World in Action , Mr Kinnock showed that he can be pithy and incomprehensible at one and the same time .
16 Continually there is value in the teacher telling the story whilst the class are doing it ; everybody works at one and the same time , discovering for themselves how to do each thing .
17 In other words , if a majority of member states want to adopt a piece of legislation which has the effect of transferring sovereign powers from national governments to the European Community institutions , that is at one and the same time an expression of national interest . ’
18 If I actually follow you down the street in order to be sure that you do n't throw it away or forget to post it , for instance , then I at one and the same time become certain that you 've posted it and display a lack of faith that you will do so .
19 The ‘ I ’ at one and the same time transcends the body ( so that for instance we talk of our bodies as something separate from ourselves and say that we ‘ have ’ them rather than ‘ are ’ them ) and is immanent or present in the body .
20 François Guizot , an archetypal representative of the political élite , neatly summed up the Prince 's appeal : ‘ It means a great deal to be at one and the same time a national glory , a revolutionary guarantee , and a principle of authority . ’
21 ‘ The recognizable direction of social development ’ , she concluded , ‘ has made it clear to me that there is no social class in Poland that has at one and the same time both an interest in , and an ability to achieve , the restoration of Poland ’ .
22 Otherwise , by securing railway concessions in Persia , the Russians could reach the Gulf and at one and the same time create their longed-for warm-water port and turn the western flank of the British in India .
23 I was explaining that we had fallen in need of a housekeeper and an under-butler at one and the same time and Miss Kenton had arrived — with unusually good references , I recall — to take up the former post .
24 False clarity is only another name for myth ; and myth has always been obscure and enlightening at one and the same time : always using the devices of familiarity and straightforward dismissal to avoid the labour of conceptualization .
25 Perhaps a graphic parallel would be to imagine that a country existed in the middle of Europe which was at one and the same time Catholic , Protestant , Jewish and Islamic , while sharing equally the cultural and economic influence of the USA , USSR , and China !
26 It involves at one and the same time our understanding of the nature of God , of the nature of humanity , and of the real depths of the life and unity of the universal Church .
27 To be vulnerable to pain and love at one and the same time is to be close to the ground of our very being .
28 Here again two conflicting conventions grew up and were in use at one and the same time in the medieval England of the eleventh and twelfth centuries .
29 The reason for this equality of values arises from the fact that a financial claim is at one and the same time an asset to one economic unit and a liability to another .
30 It has 21 roads , on which about 120 vehicles of an average length of 50ft can be painted at one and the same time .
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