Example sentences of "it be time [to-vb] the [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Unhappily , it 's time to take the gloves off ( temporarily I hope ) and adopt the principles of the street fighter .
2 Business hospitality When business is done and the meeting concluded , nothing revives the hardworking executive like a glass of Scotch … and when it 's time to seal the deal with valued clients , there is no more fitting toast nor better appreciated mark of esteem than to offer the noble spirit .
3 Time for last minute shopping and a last look at the sights , then it 's time to bid The Hague farewell and transfer to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport for your afternoon or evening return flights to your chosen airport and home .
4 So should you discover that you are spending more time in Safeways than on the north-bound carriageway of the A9 , it 's time to tackle the South Glen Shiel Ridge .
5 ‘ I think it 's time to say the Rosary , ’ he said earlier than usual , taking out his beads .
6 Anybody who 's anybody knows that a pair of brand new trainers — bright laces undone , tongues out , displaying that all important brand name — says more about you than a wallet full of gold credit cards ’ , you know it 's time to leave the country and live on a desert island in your bare feet or search the loft for your ex-issue Diadora Borg Elite or Stan Smiths .
7 Day Eight : You are at leisure until it 's time to leave the Hotelship and catch your scheduled flight back to London Heathrow from Dresden airport .
8 It 's time to save the NHS .
9 It 's time to turn the tables .
10 It 's time to turn the tables on the management .
11 And it 's time to put the team before any individual gripes .
12 It 's time to put the lid on all the talk . ’
13 It 's time to open the chamber and load up , then place the gun carefully down by your side .
14 It 's time to open the presents
15 So , while it 's a dull spot for sales , it 's time to prepare the ground so that , when the holiday-makers return , Wimpey will get the lion 's share of the Autumn buyers .
16 Yep , it 's time to ring the changes .
17 IT 'S TIME to announce the Diary Press Awards for 1989 .
18 Jenny with you till five o'clock and er as usual it 's time to play the mystery movie quiz .
19 No great tunes or psychotic spiels — if burning your sister provides such little fuel maybe it 's time to reconsider the rest of the family 's future .
20 No great tunes or psychotic spiels — if burning your sister provides such little fuel maybe it 's time to reconsider the rest of the family 's future .
21 Castors , as well as being a straightforward mobility device , also help with kitchen hygiene when it is time to clean the floor .
22 It is time to leave the capital and have a walk ; let us rise betimes .
23 ‘ We think it is time to kill the project off , ’ one official told New Scientist last week .
24 It is time to turn the tables and consider how the existence of life may have affected the atmosphere of the early Earth .
25 He says : ‘ I suggest it is time to examine the structure of the Federation .
26 It is time to examine the validity of this argument .
27 After dinner it is time to visit the bakers , hard at work in the mobile field bakery .
28 It is time to treat the spectators as paying customers and look after them .
29 It is time to give the angels something to sing about .
30 But I do believe it is time to include the people who play rugby in decisions on how they should play rugby . ’
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