Example sentences of "it 's just that [pers pn] [verb] " in BNC.

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31 It 's just that we did n't know that I did n't hear what she said .
32 It 's just that we need to be absolutely sure before proceeding .
33 In reality it 's nowhere near as bad as the Scouse hype during the 80's , it 's just that we found that a bit easier to take .
34 It 's just that we feel the human body can take so much and the English season is a long and punishing one as it it .
35 Well no , it 's just that she said
36 It 's just that she likes the odd nip .
37 Yeah Emily was trying it on again this morning , I think it 's just that she gets tired cos she feels slothlike in the morning and then by the end of the day she 's over like a rocket
38 It was n't her reaction that I was wary of , it 's just that she does n't even know how she made her children so how was she going to understand what I was trying to tell her !
39 It 's just that she had a headache and was a bit reticent about it , which is unlike her .
40 It 's just that she did n't have any life . ’
41 It 's just that she did n't succeed .
42 It 's just that she has this idée fixe that my agent is the man for me .
43 it 's just that she needs your name , the fact that you 're male , th an approximate age within five years .
44 Get some movement out there we had a young , a young lady who er she name and she 's up front in the cabinet you know every opportunity she had she was looking for round the room , but not sort of in the round the outside all the time and it 's just that she wanted to be with a group of people all the time .
45 That 's not to say he aspired to being something of a genius himself , it 's just that he felt a tremendous affinity with those people .
46 Everything else is alright it 's just that he gets that frustrated
47 It 's just that he went one way and I went another .
48 It 's just that he looks like bottling the Tokyo job , ’ she said quietly .
49 It 's just that he makes it so damn difficult .
50 It 's not her fault Petya wo n't speak to me ; it 's just that he turned against me when I divorced his mother .
51 It 's just that he worries if you are n't here .
52 It 's just that he wants to let off steam , and you 're the only person he can lose his temper with .
53 ‘ I am not saying that Charles is incapable of love , it 's just that he has this unreal perception of women .
54 It 's just that he has n't , to me , changed enough , he 's still stuck up with all these various things .
55 I think it 's just that he arrived at the same conclusions .
56 It 's just that he wanted to see Jenny in front of everyone else .
57 It 's just that he seems so caring … in the work he does with the handicapped … ’
58 It 's just that he 's been used to having his own way for so long it does n't occur to him there are perspectives alternative to his own . ’
59 " It 's just that you walk slowly . "
60 It 's just that you get asked and hoping that the roof can
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