Example sentences of "[prep] just over [num] per cent " in BNC.

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1 For example , Britain received $3.2billion of the $12.8billion Marshall money — worth just over 7 per cent of all our imports of goods and services over the five years .
2 Participants in the Youth Training Scheme ( YTS ) make up the largest share of these , accounting for nearly nine per cent of all temporary workers , and participants in the Community Programme ( CP ) together with a small number in the Community Industry programme make up almost all the remainder , accounting for just over four per cent .
3 McCAW 'S revised offer for just over 50 per cent of LIN Broadcasting is cleverly structured .
4 February 's inflation rate showed a 2.3 per cent monthly increase ( the biggest monthly rise for four years ) , representing an annualized rate for early 1990 of just over 13 per cent , substantially above the budget target .
5 Of these , 191 secondary teachers , 54 middle and 134 primary teachers responded , in many cases only after several reminders ; a response rate of just over 52 per cent , a rate very similar to that in the earlier survey in Solihull ( op. cit . ) .
6 The Wellington trainer , who has a strike rate of just over 37 per cent at the Lancashire course , landed a double there yesterday with all-the-way winners Tri Folene and Star 's Delight , and it would come as no surprise if he doubled that score today .
7 A consequence of the recession has been a reduction of just over six per cent in the 5,000 worldwide workforce in the past 12 months .
8 Over 9,700 candidates competed in the elections and a turnout of just over 60 per cent was officially recorded .
9 There was a relatively low turnout of just over 60 per cent .
10 The test yielded a mean score of just over 50 per cent for all pupils participating .
11 This would constitute an improvement of just over 50 per cent on the original return on the investment in XYZ Ltd .
12 This reduces the effect of the synonyms to a figure that could have been achieved by choosing an initial packing density of just over 33 per cent for the file — but this file is 90 per cent packed .
13 However , for the Gosville Company the general picture was of increase from 1939 to 1949 , then a period of stability , followed by decline in service frequency of just over 15 per cent during the 1970s .
14 To take Bury South , No 32 on Labour 's list of target seats , it needs a swing of just over 2.5 per cent .
15 That increase resulted in the rest of the world overtaking the European Community , whose investment had been falling since 1987 , reaching an all-time low in 1991 , with a share of just over 3 per cent .
16 Midland has currently made provisions against just over 50 per cent of its South American debt exposure , in line with Bank of England guidelines .
17 He said the choice lay between an election system like PR which allowed an extremist party one MP for six per cent of the vote , or one which allowed an extremist party to take full power with just over 30 per cent .
18 The LFS shows that a quarter of all persons who had been unemployed 12 months before the survey , but who were in work on the survey date , had temporary jobs , compared with just over three per cent who had been in work on both dates .
19 Presidential and legislative elections were held in November 1989 , when Callejas was elected with just over 50 per cent of the vote , and the PN won 71 of the 128 seats in the National Assembly [ see pp. 37038-39 ; 37275 ] .
20 As can be seen from table 6.6 , the proportion of all families with dependent children which are headed by a single parent increased from just over 8 per cent in 1971 to just under 12 per cent in 1981 .
21 In just over 40 per cent of cases the husband was , as traditional , the sole earner , and , in roughly equal numbers ( 5 per cent each ) were cases where neither spouse earned , and cases where the wife was the sole earner .
22 On the six new long-term capital issues they made between 1948 and 1955 to finance expansion — each for £100–200 millions — they paid a rate which rose from a little over 3 per cent initially to just over per cent by 1955 .
23 Between 1976 and 1986 when the total number of one parent families increased by 35 per cent , families headed by women increased more than families headed by men — almost 40 per cent compared to just over 10 per cent .
24 Last month it fell to just over 4 per cent .
25 Just under 30 per cent of black trainees obtain work as opposed to just over 45 per cent of their white counterparts .
26 Faced with medical evidence that the number of Frenchmen with below-average sperm counts had increased from twenty-nine per cent to just over seventy per cent , a specialist laid the blame on depression , anxiety , overwork , the use of tranquillizers and insomnia .
27 Prices have fallen by up to 40 per cent since their peak in 1988/89 and interest rates are down from 15 to just over nine per cent .
28 In a news conference on Jan. 18 , 1990 , Borja announced that inflation had been brought down to just over 54 per cent in December 1989 after reaching a record 99.1 per cent in March ; a further objective of the administration had been to reduce the accumulated annual inflation rate to 30 per cent for 1989 .
29 The Glasgow distiller , owned by the mighty American Brands , only needs to advance its 41.3 per cent stake to just over 50 per cent .
30 It is now down to just over 40 per cent .
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