Example sentences of "more than just a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 A Tom Wood is more than just a portrait .
2 Thank the Goddess Zambia had had the sense to get out before some scuzzie had violated hir by more than just a beating .
3 At 3pm , he will meet Clinton and the two will be together for the next six hours , an indication that the president regards the Prime Minister 's visit as more than just a courtesy call .
4 The more easterly of the two valley roads which combine at Pierrefitte takes you first to the charming town of Luz-Saint-Sauveur , which may look like one place but is really two , with more than just a hyphen dividing them .
5 It seems they must have had more than just a message .
6 In her enchanting story of The Velveteen Rabbit , Margery Williams ' tells of a cloth rabbit who longs to be more than just a toy .
7 Your eurocheque card is much more than just a support for your eurocheques .
8 From the very start , one must realise that WordStar for Windows 1.5 is meant to be more than just a word-processor , but is perhaps more aptly billed as a document processor .
9 However , in purchasing the hard- and soft-ware we feel it is important to seek more than just a word-processor , because in future , publicity will play a major role .
10 Two 's company … three 's more than just a coincidence .
11 Perhaps now , in the same way , Judith Cowan 's new range or work can also be effective in a climate which desperately seeks more than just a checklist of intention .
12 But to the protestors who turned up today hunting is more than just a sport .
13 Chief Inspector was slightly more than just a copper , Meredith thought wryly , amused at his apparent self abasement .
14 When people speak of conceptual clustering , they often mean more than just a clustering process .
15 ‘ My Rolex is more than just a watch , it makes me feel dressed . ’
16 ‘ My Rolex , ’ says Kiri , ‘ is more than just a watch , it also makes me feel dressed .
17 One day , he hinted , he would insist she did , and for more than just a holiday .
18 Major certainly changed his life as he came back with a lot more than just a sun tan .
19 Suddenly , after battling all season with Manchester City for third place in the First Division , the Wednesday player-manager finds that finishing second is now more than just a pipe dream .
20 If , as they fervently hope , Waqar Younis has recovered sufficiently from the stress fracture in his back to bowl as he did in taking 113 first-class wickets last season at a cost of 14 each — a wicket for every 30 balls he bowled — and Imran 's shoulder injury permits him , after all , to play as more than just a batsman-captain , theirs will be a fast bowling attack as strong , at least on paper , as any the West Indies had during the 16 years of world supremacy which came to an end here last summer .
21 This disagreement between the different schools of thought is more than just a storm in an academic teacup .
22 With the current financial structuring of the service , even in trusts , until it is generally recognised that more than just a pen and speculum are required in gynaecological outpatient clinics the value of outpatient surgery will not be realised .
23 More than just a vineyard !
24 Bentley is Back And now more than just a badge 16
25 The Bentley that 's more than just a badge
26 But it 's more than just a question of who the patients prefer to be treated by .
27 Mirth is close to creativity for to see the absurd in something is to twist reality around in a way creative thought is fashioned — a good jest is a delight and should be regarded as much more than just a bit of frivolity .
28 ‘ It is more than just a possibility , ’ a senior US official said last night .
29 The full story of the WM & CR is more than just a recalling of the day-to-day running of a railway .
30 More than just a pastime or a pursuit of Olympic excellence performed by an elite few , the worthy aim of teaching every child to swim 25 metres by the age of 11 will soon be a part of the national curriculum .
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