Example sentences of "might just as well [vb infin] " in BNC.

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1 Luiza and Freddi have n't worked all winter , so feel they might just as well rent out their Salzburg apartment and come up here to wait for rehearsals to begin .
2 There may be rare instances where a situation can be covered by one meaning but not by the other ; a police investigation might conceivably report that " criminal activity " ( associative use ) " in the southern suburbs includes ostentatious donations to charity in order to cultivate an image of respectability " ; a lawyer might jocularly speak of criminal activity having sharply increased in his legal chambers ( though intuitive awareness of the ambiguity might just as well make him avoid the phrase ) ; in both these cases the associative interpretation , only , is required .
3 For the past five days now she had been living somewhere on cloud nine , and had decided that she might just as well set up home there , as it was such a wonderful place to be .
4 " In any case you might just as well relieve your mind by talking the matter over .
5 She might just as well conserve her energy .
6 It gave Scarlet the impression that she had grown very old and from now on might just as well go round in her shroud .
7 I do not believe , though many readers are convinced of it , that this is what finally attracts them , otherwise they might just as well do a crossword puzzle .
8 She wrote , ‘ You might just as well throw that poor child on the compost heap . ’
9 Might just as well walk from Croydon .
10 If the subordinate has to be so elaborately controlled the supervisor might just as well undertake the task .
11 Th the fire , the those feet are catching in that it 's not being used you might just as well switch it off .
12 ‘ You know perfectly well that I can persuade you , so you might just as well give in now with good grace . ’
13 You might just as well give it to Adolf Hitler frankly . "
14 Local facilities such as libraries , swimming pools , tennis courts , further education classes , bingo , cinemas , pubs , working men 's clubs , parks , concerts and church services are , in theory , for the use of everyone , and if people with mental disorder live day in and day out inside the confines of a suburban house and never use such local facilities or participate in the life of the community , they might just as well remain behind the walls of an institution .
15 Might just as well bury yourself alive . ’
16 You 've been with me for a whole week now and you might just as well have been a girl , or a boy without balls .
17 He might just as well have said : ‘ It 's all very well asking for more money for the railways , but if the volume of rail freight were doubled , it would still be only a mere 16 per cent of the rail-and-road total . ’
18 Those who sold their diesels after 50,000 miles or so might just as well have bought a petrol vehicle .
19 She looked so competent and self-assured , so hard , so distant from his own thought and feeling that she might just as well have been a stranger , passing by without a glance in the street .
20 Glen Webbe , of international fame and a target for League clubs , might just as well have stayed home decorating his Christmas tree for what he was called on to do .
21 Wednesday 's match marked the Dutch football federation 's centenary , although considering the side Holland were forced to field , Queen Beatrix might just as well have stayed at home and sent the centenarians a congratulatory telegram .
22 Time , these past 30 years , might just as well have stood still .
23 He might just as well have stipulated long white trousers .
24 When they eventually got to Paris , they found that they might just as well have stopped and had a meal in Hanover .
25 As for the idealistic school , they might just as well have gone to North Wales or Derbyshire .
26 ‘ By his assurance , condescension , ease of posture and conversational initiative , ’ said a Times editorial , ‘ Mr Kennedy might just as well have been a bishop testing a candidate for ordination . ’
27 But surely it is possible that the women 's assessments might just as well have reflected their awareness of sex stereotypes and their consequent desire to fulfil ‘ normal ’ expectations that women talk ‘ better ’ .
28 You might just as well have sent him out naked round the privates .
29 Suppose he suggests that the Incarnation might just as well have taken a female as a male form , and the Second Person of the Trinity be as well called the Daughter as the Son … .
30 She did n't actually say , ‘ Please hurry up , oh please hurry up , ’ but she might just as well have done : her mouth twitched as if she were muttering it inwardly , her eyes kept darting to the clock on the mantelpiece and there were red , nervous spots on her cheeks .
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