Example sentences of "in [num] years ' time " in BNC.

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1 But in fifty years ' time we could be saying well did Jane pick the right one ?
2 Japanese car company , Mazda , has produced a hydrogen-powered prototype vehicle , which it claims could go into production in eight years ' time .
3 The ‘ now ’ here instead corresponds to the ‘ now ’ on & alpha Centauri in 4.5 years ' time , because that is how long it takes light to get from here to there .
4 The spread of owner occupation means that , in 30 years ' time , between 70% and 90% of households are likely to inherit a property .
5 Industrialists have to market their new products without knowing what will happen in 30 years ' time , although accelerated weathering or ageing tests may give some idea .
6 I do not know the latest medical prognosis of how long he will live , but perhaps he is hoping not to be around in 30 years ' time when the papers become available .
7 Sixty-five per cent of the economy will remain in state hands in six years ' time and workers will no longer elect managers .
8 In fairness none of them appeared at the Berlin show that began only two days after Paris , a show signalling a new frontier for the German manufacturers , who may just , in 10 years ' time , give the French as much to think about as the Japanese do .
9 As Western governments struggle from decision to decision , making up instant policies as they react , the need is for vision and imagination : a willingness to think the previously unthinkable , to sort out in their minds what sort of Europe they would like to have created in 10 years ' time .
10 Undaunted by Sony 's arrival in the market , the New Zealander thinks that the electronic stills camera will be the size of a credit-card calculator in 10 years ' time .
11 If we do the same tests in 10 years ' time , we almost certainly will not get the same set of results . ’
12 In 10 years ' time as mainframes become more powerful , he reckons , this figure is more likely to be 500 .
13 No seat on the board in 10 years ' time ! ’
14 My husband who earns good money , gets a pension in 10 years ' time and he says we 'll return then .
15 Work out how many woodlice you will have in 10 years ' time if they continue to multiply at this rate .
16 I do not want to know what she intends doing in a year 's time or in 10 years ' time , because she will not be in government then .
17 Using the following information about three government bonds with the same maturity date ( in 10 years ' time ) , calculate the spot yield for year 10 ( assuming annual coupon payments ) :
18 But in three years ' time Sainsbury will hit the North Sea .
19 In three years ' time we might have still been in very good shape but we must take steps to protect the UK as a manufacturing base . ’
20 In three years ' time it is likely that everything in the country , including rugby ticket prices , will have escalated by 45 per cent .
21 But King He can expect to be freed in three years ' time but Don King is convinced the former champion 's conviction will be overturned at a forthcoming appeal .
22 In three years ' time I would be doing
23 ‘ This may rise to about 20 in three years ' time if we do well .
24 My hon. Friend is concerned about what the strength of the infantry will be in three years ' time .
25 It was also agreed to review in three years ' time the entire stock of debt to the Paris Club governments , estimated at the end of 1990 to comprise $5,700 million of the total external debt of $10,500 million .
26 This means , for example , that , given the current spot yields , the market is expecting the yield on a one-year bond maturing in three years ' time to be 11.92 per cent .
27 The farm was her prison until her inheritance from her father 's estate freed her in three years ' time .
28 Chop it up into elephant steaks , bung it into the deep freeze , and over a period of say two , three years , every Friday night have an elephant steak , but in three years ' time , I will have actually achieved my objective .
29 Thus in 5 years ' time a benefit of £80,000 will have increased to £102,102.52 .
30 The hon. Gentleman is trying to guess what the market price will be in X years ' time and what proportion of the market will be accounted for by coal .
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