Example sentences of "are just some of the " in BNC.

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31 Recent titles offered to members include — DICKENS by Peter Ackroyd — RABBIT AT REST by John Updike — POSSESSION by A. S. Byatt — OXFORD BOOK OF HUMOROUS PROSE — LIES OF SILENCE by Brian Moore — and below are just some of the superb exclusive offers you can look forward to as a member .
32 These are just some of the excuses you 'll hear after what 's deemed a ‘ bad ’ cover .
33 These are just some of the example of Which ? reports researched and written by our Public Interest Research Group .
34 The Very Old Fish , who is so old he ca n't remember his age , Hangle who spends most of his time hidden in the wardrobe , and the Drawer People , who are forever sneaking out to make mischief , are just some of the very odd characters who share Wizadora 's house and her often chaotic adventures .
35 Then follows the practical experience of time , resistance to pest and disease , a too-similar competitor nipping in and beating you to it — these are just some of the hurdles and obstacles to commercial profit .
36 These are just some of the many examples of journalists facing danger and oppression that are documented in the Review , which is published annually by the International Press Institute .
37 Charles Conder , Aubrey Beardsley , Jacques Emil Blanche and Marcel Proust are just some of the names recalled by Miron Grindea , founder editor of ADAM , as he celebrates the Dieppe exhibition at Brighton Museum .
38 The Blues Band , The Anthony Kerr Quartet , Terry Lightfoot And His Band , Barbara Dennerlein , Peanuts Huckg and the Anglo American All Stars , The Henry McCullough Band , Sheila Jordan , Claudio Roditi and The Bill mays Trio are just some of the acts who will be raising temperatures in clubs like The Guinness Spot throughout the festival .
39 The size of offices , the type and size of office furniture such as desks , reserved car parking spaces , titles and badges of rank are just some of the ways in which status is expressed .
40 The Statue of Liberty , Central Park , The Lights of Broadway and New York 's world famous skyline are just some of the attractions .
41 ‘ Inflation , apathy , pessimism , political corruption , erosion of individual freedom — these are just some of the present-day problems that add up to ‘ the English sickness ’ .
42 Life size models of the medieval lords , and a dramatic civil war battle scene , are just some of the attractions .
43 These are just some of the most common forms of legal relationship which the caterer will undertake .
44 The belated impact of Saussurian semiotics , Althusserian and other neo- and post-marxist theories of ideology , Lacanian psychoanalysis and its account of subjectivity and identity , the tradition of British cultural studies associated with people like Raymond Williams and Stuart Hall , various strands of feminism , Foucault 's concern with discourse and power : these are just some of the developments that today make it impossible to think of culture as a finite and self-sufficient body of contents , customs and traditions .
45 The newness of the subject , the larger number of children affected by HIV , and the dearth of practice-based information are just some of the reasons Carol Lindsay Smith , Barnardo 's national development officer for HIV/AIDS , feels there is a certain amount of uncertainty and inaction in this area .
46 Secondly you must consider the environment within which the work is done ; is it based on PCs or is there a free choice of machines , will data files come from one program or many and are they the same type are just some of the immediate questions here .
47 These are just some of the simple questions which , if asked , can prevent novice desktop publishers , and even a few older hands , from making fundamental errors .
48 These are just some of the losses we may experience in life .
49 These are just some of the foods to be discovered at the exhibition .
50 Lowered pulse , heart and respiratory rate , reduced blood pressure , lactate and cholesterol levels are just some of the health benefits experienced by those who regularly practise these techniques .
51 When you 're decorating a room these are just some of the problems you 're likely to face , and they illustrate why you mights need professional guidance .
52 Your age , your ambitions , and your career potential are just some of the criteria that should be taken into consideration .
53 Swimming , painting , climbing , dancing , singing and acting are just some of the activities even young children are trying out .
54 These are just some of the many features offered by this very able program .
55 GEC Ferranti , British Gas , Procter and Gamble , Logica and Scottish Widows are just some of the major companies backing the courses .
56 The Dolphin , the Bermuda Suite , Club 93 , the Bingo hall , a large swimming pool , a Sports hall , Amusements , these are just some of the few things that are situated at Highfield Holiday Park , Clacton , where my family and I have been going on Holiday for 10 years .
57 COIN-SHOVING , darts and a tin-can alley are just some of the attractions which can be enjoyed at the summer fair in Strabane Primary school this Friday at 7pm .
58 Those are just some of the memories I will take with me from this year 's Ryder Cup to join those I have of my previous three captaincies and I wish the next Ryder Cup Captain as much joy and success as I 've been lucky enough to experience .
59 These are just some of the projects carried out by volunteers from local conservation groups in Essex .
60 Below are just some of the places where you can buy our goods :
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