Example sentences of "at one time or another " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Most of us use the booths at one time or another , and they are the obvious place to go if you need a picture for your identity card . ’
2 Pearce nevertheless made a point of visiting every single British Aerospace factory at one time or another during his seven years as chairman , some of them more than once .
3 Some twenty per cent of all Oscar-winning actors , actresses and directors have been married to each other at one time or another .
4 Although the subject was something not discussed , almost everyone in the road had at one time or another been confided in and had helped Mrs Browning as far as they could , although she seemed to feel she should not worry any particular neighbour too much so went from one to another , as it were in turn .
5 Lord Shawcross , who at one time or another was chairman of the Bar Council , the Press Council , the Medical Research Council , the Takeover Panel , and assorted royal commissions and tribunals of inquiry , claimed when questioned that the consideration uppermost in the minds of such figures was ‘ the national interest ’ .
6 People who have spent a lot of time with horses will have seen most of these emotions in horses at one time or another .
7 All of us have at one time or another contributed to the Great Bores of Today , with our moans of the other night when we sat down to watch television and ‘ there was nothing on ’ .
8 This is an absolute treasure house for any editor or writer unsure of a common foreign phrase , an abbreviation , or the spelling of a tricky name — which means all of us at one time or another .
9 It is now common in most accounts to begin with the proviso that the designation ‘ nouveau roman ’ is merely a convenient quasi-journalistic or even marketing label attached to an otherwise heterogeneous collection of writers , sharing little other than the same publishing house at one time or another ( Editions de Minuit ) .
10 Resorts : French speaking Verbier can lay a justifiable claim to be the best skiing in Europe — and to attract the most gung-ho British visitors ; all addicts must visit Zermatt , Grindelwald /Wengen/Murren and Davos/Klosters at one time or another ; Andermatt is an off-piste paradise ; Engelberg is recommended for intermediates , as is Champery , a pretty village with good access to the huge Portes du Soleil circuit : beginners do not need to go to Switzerland , but Saas Fee is a good place to learn if you must .
11 Although nobody ever remarked upon the fact , it was tacitly acknowledged now that Nails slept with Firelight ; he had been discovered by them all at one time or another early in the morning still asleep .
12 In the Western world ( though not often in developing countries ) many public library users read recreationally at one time or another , and large numbers of people read in this way almost exclusively .
13 Anne , the Pixie Second , often ran errands for her , and at one time or another most of the Brownies in the Pack had done a good turn for the little old lady .
14 Of course , all parents ( and teachers ) are beset at one time or another by disobedient children .
15 All three countries have at one time or another during the 1980s had recourse to the IMF for standby loans .
16 Amongst the many who have owned pubs at one time or another , Willie Johnson runs ‘ The Port Rae Bar ’ in Kirkcaldy , Doug Smith the ex-Dundee United centre — half runs ‘ The Athletic Bar ’ in Dundee 's Hilltown , Joe McBride the former Celtic striker runs ‘ The Wee Mill ’ near Shawfield , Danny McGrain runs ‘ Danny Mac 's ’ at Parkhead Cross , Davie Hay briefly managed his own pub and Dixie Deans of Celtic runs Carluke 's ‘ Station Bar ’ .
17 The fact is that , in an age when players were never encouraged or expected to be adaptable , the only positions that Billy did not fill for us at one time or another were those of goalkeeper , centre-forward and centre-half .
18 Ignoring the remainder of the world 's population , Mechanic defines hypochondria as a disorder experienced at one time or another by some 70 per cent of apprentice doctors .
19 Ghosts , fairies , dragons , giants , the devil and visitors from space have all been brought in at one time or another .
20 Whilst a through understanding of AI is not required they should have a little background since all are likely to meet it at one time or another .
21 Most of these have been used at one time or another but still the TL 072 op.amp seems to combine the best characteristics at a reasonable price .
22 The overseers of the poor in Frome must have asked themselves very much this same question ; at one time or another something between a quarter and a half of the population of Britain were to receive parish relief in the late 18th century — and the £l , 970 per annum it was costing for such relief in Frome in 1792 would rise to a staggering £11,723 per annum by 1831 .
23 Changing career is something that most people think about at one time or another , but comparatively few actually take the plunge — let alone sign up as full-time mature students .
24 Reading the old files , it is interesting to note how many well-known Institute figures have served at one time or another on the TAC .
25 Mr Hyde also provided ACCOUNTANCY with a list of 18 KPMG , PKF and Haines Watts offices that had been listed on the system at one time or another .
26 The ladies murmured reluctant agreement , since most of them had at one time or another tried to oust her from at least one of the appointments which they themselves coveted .
27 As for the stigma the child might face , does n't everyone have to live with some kind of stigma at one time or another ?
28 ‘ It was a marvellous afternoon with a huge turnout of people , most of whom were his patients at one time or another . ’
29 These types of record have all been used at one time or another by the authors .
30 At one time or another my guests have all suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous critics
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