Example sentences of "have only just [vb pp] " in BNC.

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1 It also enables management to anticipate both beneficial and adverse trends before the event or take evasive action when the evidence of an emerging problem has only just presented itself .
2 Planning permission was granted two months ago but the generating company , National Power , has only just decided to go ahead .
3 Strongly independent all his life , John Granger did n't let blindness change his lifestyle , and although now in his nineties has only just moved into a sheltered flat in Oxford .
4 Now twenty-four , she came to London originally from Gloucestershire , and has only just moved ‘ south of the river ’ to start a new job .
5 — Clearly the words ‘ Now I am seeing this as apex ’ can not so far mean anything to a learner who has only just met the concepts of apex , base and so on — But I do not mean this as empirical proposition .
6 The computer evidence problem has only just arisen .
7 Ms Bhutto has only just survived a vote of no confidence by the opposition , when her slim and wavering majority was cut by half , partially because of the defection of four of the tribal members to opposition benches .
8 No longer in the calendar with a prime week of its own , an event which has only just survived this year through a last minute rescue sponsorship package , will hardly be able to reduce its prize money in 1993 from the $1m it already pays to the Double-Up new minimum of $625,000 , even though it will no longer be guaranteed even one of the top ten ranked or other leading box office players .
9 The suggestion of a silver thread among the dark men in green makes Gus appear a distinguished elder statesmen , far too distinguished-looking for a man who has only just reached 29 .
10 THE Queen 's cousin , Sir Angus Oglivy , has bought himself an early Christmas present — a Zike , the invention launched last summer by Sir Clive Sinclair but which has only just reached the shops at £499 .
11 The program has only just reached the material development loop , but it is nonetheless quite useful to look at its progress and comment on the development so far .
12 My son has only just reached his majority , and I understand he is in no immediate financial need .
13 BRITAIN 'S ‘ greenest ’ car is the Subaru Vivio 660cc which has only just gone on sale .
14 But the story has only just begun .
15 It has only just begun .
16 ‘ Down To Earth ’ will prove that she has not only mastered here medium , but that she has only just begun .
17 Paco has only just begun to speak openly of reincarnation : ‘ The time has come when the Seventh Sea is going to open . ’
18 As the song says , it has only just begun .
19 The Department of Interior has only just begun a two year study to streamline the fiendishly complex sets of planning rules that govern new mining projects .
20 Looking for a plausible mechanism is slightly easier , but the search has only just begun , and there are few clues to go on at present .
21 Instead , a somewhat more benign Major nightmare has only just begun .
22 Its internal political development has only just begun .
23 BSL research has only just begun and a great deal more will emerge in the coming years .
24 This process has only just begun and is likely to continue until the middle of this decade .
25 The release of version 2.0 has only just begun , yet the company is already plugging version 3.0 .
26 Saying that the Framing Opinions campaign has only just begun , English Heritage chief executive , Jennifer Page concludes that authorities and voluntary groups from national to local level must be prepared to offer help and advice to anyone wanting to alter a building .
27 Although the speed of the computer does not allow animation comparable to that which can be produced on film , there is no doubt that this facility , which has only just begun to be explored , can give real power to the teacher .
28 While the trend toward increasing the integration has only just begun , we are still awaiting Frame Technology 's launch of FrameMaker onto the Macintosh and , possibly , OS/2 Presentation Manager , it is in this direction that desktop publishing is undoubtedly heading during the next few years .
29 For example , Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous has only just begun in the UK whereas Alcoholics Anonymous has been in the UK for over forty years .
30 In others the slowdown has only just begun .
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