Example sentences of "from time to time " in BNC.

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1 It could be called upon at any time and indeed was from time to time .
2 Spencer 's argument has been banded about from time to time .
3 Place the container in the dark in a cool place for 8–10 weeks , checking from time to time to see if the water needs topping up .
4 Remember to check on them from time to time and water them carefully if the compost seems dry .
5 Check from time to time and water if the compost is dry .
6 Unfortunately , these accidents still occur from time to time .
7 You will probably be visited from time to time , and in some areas you will get practical help such as toy kits , toy libraries , first aid kits and safety equipment on loan .
8 From time to time , and particularly in connection with external courses , police officers and civilian employees may have cause to write articles , dissertations , essays , etc. , which require them to research information of a privileged nature .
9 One time , Dionne brought Jay a huge bunch of plaited purple garlic from the Breton onion man who hung around in Islington from time to time .
10 From time to time she had to pull him up .
11 She felt cornered , counted out by this cool precision , fighting for something which had given every sign of gracious flowering … from time to time .
12 I even meet him for dinner from time to time .
13 Two masons who were chiselling at the finials which Flemyng had ordered for the gables would stop their clinking from time to time to confirm something that one or other had said .
14 jean had her arm round Donald 's waist now and from time to time she skipped , roused by the fighting spirits of the menfolk .
15 From time to time other members would appear — the grandparents , the uncles , the cousins , business contacts and friends , a community within the community , and one of great internal strength .
16 Nevertheless , they were able to continue the art classes ( to Leonard 's chagrin , a Saturday morning event ) alongside needlework and other crafts , which were exhibited locally from time to time .
17 Between 1949 and 1954 much of his spare time had been given to poetic scribbling ; and he was also giving voice to a measure of vacillation and disillusionment , which we shall encounter in his poetry from time to time .
18 We find allusive reference to it from time to time in Leonard 's writings and songs — always with a frisson of awe .
19 Another expression of this psychic force is found in the cynicism and bitterness he displayed from time to time when he grumbles about the dark , the flies and the cold ; but other references are very much stronger , e.g. ‘ The Cuckold 's Song ’ etc ) .
20 From time to time she stopped to laugh .
21 John talked to Sara but she did n't listen , just nodded from time to time .
22 This is a phenomenon which most of us experience from time to time , particularly when performing a highly practised task like driving a car or using a keyboard , and which the clinician often feels presents in exaggerated form in certain neurological conditions .
23 There are calm , spaciousness and perfectly balanced pictures within the overall design which from time to time acquire a more athletic quality , particularly in Monotones H ( i.e. two boys and a girl ) .
24 To a very large extent this is what Ashton does in A Month in the Country where the non-dancers speak out from time to time in explicit gestures .
25 They do this even though they may break the conventions from time to time .
26 Ashton , too , has made vivid use of occupational gesture from time to time as , for example , when his ‘ Swiss Miss ’ milks her cow with the help of the three boys in Façade .
27 There is little to distinguish between the Italian character dance and its demi - caractère form save only that heeled shoes are worn and thus from time to time take on a slightly Spanish flavour , the only difference perhaps being the more fluid way of phrasing and less rigidly accurate timing of the steps .
28 From time to time this can be very beautiful but because there is a lack of continuity in the dance movement from one picture to the next , the resultant work often appears static .
29 They are precise in detail yet from time to time break away from the formal patterns of Petipa 's well-ordered conventions .
30 Norris virtually admits as much from time to time .
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