Example sentences of "more than [num] times as much " in BNC.

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1 They charged $366 billion to general-purpose credit-cards last year , more than five times as much as in 1980 ; outstanding credit-card debt rose sevenfold to $177 billion over the decade .
2 In western Germany in 1990 the building industry produced more than five times as much rubbish as turned up in municipal solid waste — and most of it was simply tipped into Germany 's scarce landfill space .
3 A closer look at the DoNH budget reveals extraordinary disparities ; including the fact that they will , by 1995–96 , be giving more than 10 times as much to each of several central London museums than they are for all the national activities and programmes of the English Tourist Board .
4 People over 85 cost the health service , on average , more than 13 times as much as peopled aged 5–64 .
5 This will store more than 50 times as much data as the floppy disks with the biggest storage capacity !
6 For people living in the same area , those in the most expensive properties should pay not more than three times as much — the maximum variation — as those in the least expensive properties .
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