Example sentences of "[noun] are anything to go [adv] " in BNC.

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1 The contribution which the College makes directly to the development of librarianship and allied subjects in the further education sector in Wales is however limited , if the evidence of the research interests of the staff and the published list of student projects are anything to go by .
2 Indeed , the colour of your breeches is very important , at least , if the rules are anything to go by .
3 There seems to have been a generally similar scheme of attack , if similarities to the Kentish experience are anything to go by .
4 Mehdi Moghadassi If past performances are anything to go by , this should be quite a disturbing work .
5 Nursing may have gone through massive changes in the past years , but the humour — and image of the nurse — appears to have remained remarkably constant ( or stagnant ? ) , if these postcards are anything to go by .
6 But if these last couple of weeks are anything to go by , I 'm never going to know any peace , never stop burning , never be able to take an interest in anyone until this thing between us has run its course . ’
7 IF the last 20 years are anything to go by , in the year 2001 first class stamp will cost 96p , says Prudential — Britain 's biggest insurance company .
8 If the first ten years are anything to go by , they are well on the way to their target .
9 Exactly why Burton is so interested in Wood is yet to be revealed , but if some of the crankier bits of Scissorhands are anything to go by , he 's just managed to lift himself above that level …
10 Well , if the scenes of Fred 's bar in Soho are anything to go by , the answer must be a resounding ‘ No way ! ’
11 THE day of the indie guitar band dominating local music appears to be on the wane , if recent developments are anything to go by .
12 If previous attempts to dictate dress are anything to go by , sartorial discipline may hold in the Politburo , but the decree will have little immediate impact in the street .
13 Yet if newspapers are anything to go by , not much seems to have happened since the list was announced . ’
14 People probably fall over themselves to be with you — at least , if the newspapers are anything to go by . ’
15 France is now facing its second period of cohabitation between a right-wing government and a socialist president , and if the statements of the conservative leaders are anything to go by , it is likely to be tougher than it was last time .
16 If the previous five markets are anything to go by , works will be grabbed from the walls and plinths while organisers rush to replace them with other works .
17 But if his practical measures are anything to go by , he may be thinking of the Libyan nation , for he discourages international marriage not only with English or American persons , but with Algerians , Egyptians and Palestinians .
18 If we go only by the legislation and other portents , then the outlook is overcast at present and we are not sure how it will clear ; if commitment and current initiatives are anything to go by , then the prospects are brighter .
19 In fact , if the answers given by 40 per cent of women quizzed for a new survey are anything to go by , the EC president might as well Jacques it in …
20 If looks are anything to go by , he 's thinking in his head all the time . ’
21 Now they 're putting the finishing touches to a new double album for release next March , which , if songs like ‘ Evil ’ and ‘ Mother ’ , showcased at their recent London gigs are anything to go by , promises to be an even more intoxicating opportunity to see inside Mark 's troubled , immensely talented psyche .
22 After all , if this week 's polls are anything to go by , she may be joining the ranks of Britain 's retired pensioners in 1992 .
23 ‘ Good , live firing 's just stopped and if the last few nights are anything to go by , we 'll be hearing from the battlegroup soon , once their own fitters have had a chance to check out the day 's casualties. ,
24 Alton Towers theme park attracts 2.4 million visitors a year — presumably more men than women if the facilities are anything to go by .
25 If recent events are anything to go by , one forum for this ‘ dialogue ’ will be the courts of law .
26 If ethnic monitoring recommendations are anything to go by , both in schools and elsewhere , official information on the fate of pupils from the minorities will continue to suffer from this lacuna .
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