Example sentences of "go a long way [prep] [v-ing] " in BNC.

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1 Environmentalists hailed the decision as going a long way towards meeting the demands of campaigns in favour of preserving Antarctica .
2 Both the Littlewoods actually , Banbury and Oxford are putting up teams , and so are , we understand , fifteen of the NatWest banks in Oxfordshire , so there 's a lot going on and er we think the walks in Oxfordshire are going to go a long way towards raising this vitally needed million pounds for the rainforests this year
3 I think that the genetic er , testing that was , that is now law , has to go a long way towards finding criminals , who once they 've been tested will find it very difficult to commit crime again , because they 're on record , and they 'll be on computer record .
4 As one would expect , incomers took a greater interest in discussing class — class is supposed to go a long way in explaining the membership of given social networks , and in the scope of such networks .
5 Such a use of sub-committees goes a long way towards achieving an ‘ open ’ management process .
6 Logging GNP per capita goes a long way towards holding the midspreads constant by making them similar in size .
7 Mr Gandhi has an election coming up and a big one-day cricket tournament not only goes down well with the electorate , but also goes a long way towards providing a short-term solution to the unemployment problem .
8 The document before us goes a long way towards providing for the independence of the monetary institution , which will be a crucial element in the success of a single currency .
9 The interpretation of ‘ mind ’ as information processing with a self-monitoring facility called consciousness goes a long way towards resolving the problem of body — mind interaction which Popper and Eccles ( 1978 ) have recently revived .
10 This decision goes a long way towards demonstrating the untenability of the marital-rape exemption in modern times .
11 One study which goes a long way towards identifying dimensions of the culture of the shop floor , and the political relatedness of workers to their enterprise has been completed by Paul E. Willis .
12 There is a problem with pollution with visual intrusion and noise intrusion which needs to be solved and this goes a long way towards solving it .
13 It seems to me that this difference in the structure of the schedules goes a long way towards explaining in industrial terms the relative stasis of British television subgenres like sitcom , crime series and soap opera , and the drive towards innovation found in the corresponding genres on US television .
14 Patronage was necessary , because it was expected that the member of parliament should be able to obtain it , a fact which goes a long way towards explaining the close links between so many Scots members of parliament and administration .
15 This goes a long way towards explaining the awkwardness felt by the foreign learner in conversation an awkwardness which does not seem wholly attributable to faulty or slow processing of grammar and vocabulary .
16 The perpetuation of the old sources of strife goes a long way towards explaining why party conflict continued after the Glorious Revolution , which will be the theme of the following chapter .
17 Whether it 's a long-term or short-term problem you will find gentle exercise and relaxation through yoga will be beneficial to you mentally and physically , and we always find that a good massage goes a long way to easing tension and making you feel better .
18 Little was known about the products of many of these areas , and much research still needs to be done but Collecting Lustreware goes a long way to redressing the balance .
19 The actual construction of a carpet goes a long way to determining how long it will keep its original appearance .
20 The Law Society have now introduced the Client Care Scheme , which goes a long way to bonding this relationship at the outset .
21 The WYSIWYG add-in goes a long way to helping you see how your masterpiece will eventually print out — but only approximately ( it 's pretty much like Windows 1-2-3 in that respect ! ) .
22 In this way , the learner will gain confidence , and this goes a long way to promoting safe practice if at a later time adequate guidance and support are lacking .
23 In Fox 's case , practice obviously goes a long way to making perfect .
24 Huntington 's argument goes a long way to making clear the disappointment a reader experiences if he approaches the Wellsian SF novels in chronological order .
25 Bourdieu goes a long way to remedying this defect in his treatment of actual practices in his structure ( fields ) .
26 This is a real advantage when using the A2 live and also goes a long way to keeping the engineer happy in the studio , without taking precious minutes to reprogram .
27 After all , that is the first thing about us that others see and a well-groomed , well-dressed image reflected back at us from the mirror goes a long way to bolstering our private and public confidence .
28 People do n't usually hit out unless they are upset or angry , so showing you understand their feelings goes a long way to preventing them from expressing that anger towards you .
29 The incident goes a long way to explaining Chapman 's later enthusiasm for floodlit football .
30 Health Secretary Virginia Bottomley is a regular , and the restaurant also goes a long way to explaining Home Secretary Kenneth Clarke 's well-rounded appearance .
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