Example sentences of "four times the size of " in BNC.

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1 However brain size alone is not an absolute indication of intelligence - elephants , for example , have brains four times the size of our own .
2 High-precision laboratories can produce results with error terms of less than plus/minus 20 years ; they employ very carefully controlled measurement procedures , but they also require samples three to four times the size of those used by normal-precision , conventional laboratories .
3 Gorillas are four times the size of chimps .
4 It comes with a new 0.5 micron four-level metallisation CMOS CPU clocked at 50MHz which has a 32Kb on-chip cache , four times the size of the existing one .
5 In France , for example , the domestic CP market was launched at around the same time , but by the end of 1990 it had grown in size to FF165 billion , around four times the size of the UK market ( see Table 6.10 for a comparison of commercial paper markets in Europe , the ECP market and the US CP market ) .
6 but we , we set off in a big building , well a building about four times the size of this these houses and it was all sheet steel wrapped in polythene packages
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