Example sentences of "five times the size of " in BNC.

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1 Their high-energy laser programme , concentrating on chemical lasers , is three to five times the size of its US equivalent .
2 Five times the size of Rutland , Buckinghamshire shows every symptom of several standards of assessment : numerous reductions in the Chiltern hundreds in 1524 reduced aggregate wealth from £97 to £67 per thousand acres , while in Buckingham hundreds it only dropped from £84 to £59 , but throughout the northern half of the shire many of the 1522 assessments were retained substantially unaltered , conceivably because the people concerned deemed it prudent to keep their mouths shut and pay up ; a significant number were actually uprated , perhaps penalised for having the gall to seek abatements , so attracting a further , more searching investigation of their means .
3 The capital was distinguished from provincial cities and towns on three counts : it was at least five times the size of any other , almost ten times as rich , and possessed a vastly more complex social and occupational structure .
4 As the U.S. population is five times the size of Britain 's the U.K. 's reserves are now 2.5 times those of the U.S. on a per capita basis .
5 If the STV were to be adopted in Britain and the total number of MPs were to remain unchanged , a typical constituency could be five times the size of the average present constituency and return five MPs .
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