Example sentences of "[verb] [adv] far as [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ I would n't like to go so far as to predict anything for Sunday but you can be certain I am far more confident about the race now than I was .
2 But one does not have to go so far as to support child benefit for the qualitative demographic effect it may or may not have .
3 Many congratulations and a warm welcome should be given to Dorling Kindersley , the first general publisher to recognise that there is ELT potential in its list and to go so far as to publish an ELT catalogue .
4 However , contributors to the Review were largely unwilling to go so far as to attempt to specify the nature of artistic quality in general , despite the fact that their own capacity to decide which texts were of sufficient interest in themselves to justify study depended upon recognizing such quality .
5 ‘ I am not myself convinced that the Government will be so foolish as to go so far as to privatise water .
6 He was even prepared to go so far as to admit that monotony was the most comfortable way .
7 You might , for instance have to alter the way the murder you had in mind is committed or you might have to go so far as to alter the motive of the murderer or even find a completely different person to commit the central action .
8 Indeed , one of the characters even goes so far as to advocate an aleatory literature which , abandoning all pretence of saying anything , would provide the reader with dice and a random list of words and leave him/her to make of it what he/she may .
9 Where the husband goes so far as to cause injury , there are available a number of offences against the person with which he may be charged , but the gravamen of the husband 's conduct is the injury he has caused not the sexual intercourse he has forced . ’
10 Larissa talks of going beyond structuralism and goes so far as to disown it : ‘ of course I am not a structuralist I never have been I merely played with it ’ ( 84/662 ) .
11 Certainly in recent years Pound 's interest in mystery-cults has been more than antiquarian ; in ‘ was Erigena ours ? ’ he asks whether the philosopher Scotus Erigena was one of the Eleusinian brotherhood , and ‘ ours ’ can be given full weight — Noel Stock goes so far as to claim ( op. cit. p.22 ) that some of the obscurity of these later Cantos is deliberate and arcane — ‘ he writes about them as an initiate in words that are both ‘ published and not published ’ … ’ .
12 He goes so far as to claim that this form of control is now ‘ characteristic of the majority of enterprises in the USA and Britain ’ , thereby denying the predominance of the management control form .
13 Equity says no , and soon goes so far as to lay down a rule that a mortgage is a mere security for money , and something quite different from a genuine transfer of the ownership .
14 His opinions , he knows , are not shared by fellow portrait painters — he goes so far as to describe ‘ the rest ’ as producing ‘ old hat , boring , herd-of-sheep painting ’ , too preoccupied with imbuing a portrait with the sitter 's character .
15 Glass goes so far as to describe her as ‘ a monster ’ though it is clear she had his complete respect .
16 Cusick even goes so far as to venture an empathy between the teams Verity Lambert assembled to work on the series .
17 You would not think so after reading the paper by Deborah Tannen , of Georgetown University , whose study of repetition in conversation in Language for 1987 she goes so far as to subtitle ‘ towards a poetic of talk ’ .
18 Indeed Sockett ( 1980 ) goes so far as to call accountability based on prespecified results ‘ anti-educational ’ .
19 He even goes so far as to fabricate his signature in a way similar to Pound 's , so that it forms a kind of hieroglyph .
20 I would wager that he goes so far as to say that I broke down in his room , stuttering out the words of my so-called confession between chokes and tears , unable to speak properly .
21 She even goes so far as to say her grandmother does the warm-up exercises , using tins of soup instead of weights , though her husband Richard Gere sticks to Tai Chi and riding his bike .
22 The recent Report of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution even goes so far as to recommend that straw burning should be banned in five years time .
23 Nonetheless , the limits of the state 's autonomy would seem to be very wide , and Block goes so far as to postulate a ‘ tipping mechanism ’ which could allow the state to take a social formation away from the capitalist mode of production .
24 Indeed , Saettler goes so far as to assert :
25 In fact , the Committee goes so far as to assert that business and industry have no distinctive educational needs , and is thereby able to collapse point 2 in its terms of reference ( " the needs of business , the professions and the public services " ) into point 1 ( " the requirements of a liberal education " ) .
26 Blondel in his study Political Parties : A Genuine Case for Discontent ? claims that " in the great majority of cases programmes are unclear , often limited in scope , and not closely connected to the goals which the party proclaims " and he goes so far as to assert that " on balance parties do not really have programmes " .
27 the Victoria County History goes so far as to suggest that the early nineteenth century prosperity of Leicester , based partly on the transport of hosiery goods by canal to London was ‘ probably due in no small degree to the fact that from 1802 onwards the development of communication had largely been completed . ’
28 Gyford ( 1985b , p. 27 ) goes so far as to suggest that local government reorganization was one of the reasons for moves to the left outside London , where older councillors were replaced not by the hoped for technocrats waiting in the wings , but instead often by representatives of Labour 's new left .
29 However Ingres reports increasing interest from other sectors and goes so far as to suggest that the Enhanced Security features may become an optional part of the standard Ingres database in the release after next .
30 The story goes so far as to suggest that Hewlett-Packard threatened to resign from OSF over the pace of development but changed its mind .
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