Example sentences of "have just [vb pp] back [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Using the hypothetical examples above , for instance , this is how it might work out : skilled employment ( 4 ) the top possible score : employment duration — she has just gone back to work ( 1 ) ; housing — she has had to move to a smaller flat(l) so has n't been there long ( 0 ) ; she does have a bank account ( 4 ) ; but is separated ( 0 ) ; and quite young ( 2 ) .
2 One British firm has just come back from France with almost £1m for its contribution towards landscaping .
3 ‘ He has just come back from Canada and he will go back to Canada . ’
4 A film editor friend has just come back from a couple of weeks of yoga , a music producer I know goes to St James , Piccadilly , where they have spiritual talks on a Monday evening , while a designer friend does Chi-Kung , a Chinese movement like Tai-Chi , where you have to ‘ stand like a tree ’ .
5 Pierre Berton , who wrote the books , has just got back from Vancouver .
6 But I think they 'd just gone back for the money creed and once you get that well erm they do n't realize that they could be falling into the trap unless we blokes stand firm now to maintain this standard of living .
7 Well I c I I 've seen so many things over the year I just do n't believe it until I actually see it and th literally four weeks ago , I 'd just got back from Germany , went on a meeting the following morning and it 's that gentleman there , Steve , and h he 's got some pictures in his pocket which will prove exactly what we 're talking about .
8 That was er I 'd just got back from work .
9 The duvet , I 'd just taken back from the dry cleaners !
10 A.Q. : Towards five-thirty this morning , having just got back from the flower market , I was working in the front quarters of my shop when I got the idea I 'd heard a funny noise just outside the window …
11 What about Timo Metsola 's electronics outfit in Finland — where you 've just flown back from ?
12 In fact , I 've just flown back from the States today , and you 'll be glad to hear that the doctors assured me that Liz and Owen are on the road to a full recovery . ’
13 I 've I 've just come back on that D two stop three .
14 I 've been working abroad for the last twenty years , I 've just come back to the U K and my family 's all died , and I do n't know anybody , and I 'm going to start off working here .
15 No I 've just come back to it and I find my lunch box overflowing with crisp packets .
16 I 've just come back from France .
17 They 're always looking forward to going places they 've just come back from , or regretting doing things they have n't yet done .
18 And camping We 've just come back from Cornwall and it was very wet .
19 ‘ Dear Loretta , ’ she read , ‘ I 've just come back from an official trip to Italy , and I squeezed in a visit to a peace camp while I was there .
20 ‘ I 've just come back from the Thomas Garlands ’ place , sir . ’
21 We 've just come back from Chile , where chemical pollution , factory fishing , and poverty are the everyday reality facing fishermen , slowly destroying their ability to make a living and support their families .
22 Tell them we 've just come back from that .
23 I 'm not being rude now , I 've just come back from the Gambia and I have n't stopped
24 Oh Well we 've just come back from America we 've been in America for three years .
25 I 've just got back to England .
26 ‘ We 've just got back from Southampton , ’ said my mother , as though this circumstance presented a total barrier to further movement .
27 ‘ You 've just got back from Rhodes , we hear . ’
28 Well it , it 's been stupid this laid on this settee falling down back , it 's blinking ridiculous , yeah , we 've just got back from hospital and they 'll send her a letter for er , to make an appointment for her to go back , to see what the treatment they 're gon na give her , so , will it go in Pete 's car ?
29 The educated classes had just stood back as the aspiring politician and the over-eager Methodist forced the showmen into a reliance on the melodramatic and the romantic .
30 For a moment , the sergeant had that same sense of disorientation when the lights went up at the end of an afternoon programme in the cinema and he felt he had just flown back from another world .
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