Example sentences of "have just [vb pp] [adv prt] from " in BNC.

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1 The madman has just flown in from Rome on a whim , to spend a few days with me here .
2 My first book was an experiment to see if I could write and it has just gone on from there . ’
3 When I quip that he sounds as if he has just come round from anaesthetic , Eva says , ‘ He has . ’
4 ‘ This report has just come in from the Environments Officer .
5 One British firm has just come back from France with almost £1m for its contribution towards landscaping .
6 ‘ He has just come back from Canada and he will go back to Canada . ’
7 A film editor friend has just come back from a couple of weeks of yoga , a music producer I know goes to St James , Piccadilly , where they have spiritual talks on a Monday evening , while a designer friend does Chi-Kung , a Chinese movement like Tai-Chi , where you have to ‘ stand like a tree ’ .
8 Pierre Berton , who wrote the books , has just got back from Vancouver .
9 May I remind him that the London Arts Board , which has just taken over from Greater London Arts , is settling down well to the work of funding arts associations throughout London .
10 The big one looked down at me as if I 'd just crawled out from under .
11 Well a a a at the time , they 'd just changed over from the erm Tenants ' Development Association , to the Tenants ' Action Group , so it was a bit disorganized to begin with , cos we were still sorting out the , everything from what they 'd left over and things , so , but once we 'd got that all so once they 'd got that all sorted out , yeah , it was .
12 Well I c I I 've seen so many things over the year I just do n't believe it until I actually see it and th literally four weeks ago , I 'd just got back from Germany , went on a meeting the following morning and it 's that gentleman there , Steve , and h he 's got some pictures in his pocket which will prove exactly what we 're talking about .
13 That was er I 'd just got back from work .
14 The duvet , I 'd just taken back from the dry cleaners !
15 The commodore , having just tacked in from Pin Mill , says that while he recognises the accomplishment of an ancient mariner there in teaching a grey parrot to recite the complete works of Shakespeare in Urdu , and could see that this might help international relations in some way , he is far from certain this was the sort of thing Mr Major had in mind .
16 A.Q. : Towards five-thirty this morning , having just got back from the flower market , I was working in the front quarters of my shop when I got the idea I 'd heard a funny noise just outside the window …
17 And so it was that on the first Monday after New Year , about midnight , we found ourselves on an icy road in County Cavan heading for the checkpoint , having just driven up from Dun Laoghaire , where we had disembarked from the Holyhead ferry .
18 But anyway , talking about engineering as a whole , quite obviously it 's interesting to go back a bit because I 'm always interested in the way the institutions actually started because er there 's a lovely story about er , the Stephenson brothers and tho , ju , having just come down from Scarborough on a mini-holiday we stopped at York and I went over a great big museum there , and quite obviously seeing the marvellous locomotives you realise that George Stevenson had er , a lot to do with that .
19 Apart from that , though , the whole crew might have just come in from Ellis Island Caduta herself was clearly the queen bee here .
20 What about Timo Metsola 's electronics outfit in Finland — where you 've just flown back from ?
21 In fact , I 've just flown back from the States today , and you 'll be glad to hear that the doctors assured me that Liz and Owen are on the road to a full recovery . ’
22 I 've just driven down from Manchester and I 'm slightly knackered .
23 I 've just come back from France .
24 They 're always looking forward to going places they 've just come back from , or regretting doing things they have n't yet done .
25 And camping We 've just come back from Cornwall and it was very wet .
26 ‘ Dear Loretta , ’ she read , ‘ I 've just come back from an official trip to Italy , and I squeezed in a visit to a peace camp while I was there .
27 ‘ I 've just come back from the Thomas Garlands ’ place , sir . ’
28 We 've just come back from Chile , where chemical pollution , factory fishing , and poverty are the everyday reality facing fishermen , slowly destroying their ability to make a living and support their families .
29 Tell them we 've just come back from that .
30 I 'm not being rude now , I 've just come back from the Gambia and I have n't stopped
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