Example sentences of "go [to-vb] that the [noun] " in BNC.

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1 This goes to confirm that the figures shown in Table 11.1 are fairly representative of the industry more generally .
2 Are n't you going to claim that the spider must have been disturbed when the undergrowth was cleared and so it was all my fault ? ’
3 ‘ Are you going to pretend that the age difference was our only problem ?
4 But in most situations , when you 'd be asking a colleague on the same staff to work with you , you 'll need to find a way of working that is not going to cause massive disruption to the school timetable , that 's not going to demand that the headteacher come and cover one of your classes while you 're busy with your investigation into the disappearance of the crew of the Marie Celeste .
5 Even as he uses the accommodation in Annexe A to manoeuvre Serafin into discovering for himself the waiting garret , so he is using the garret to manoeuvre him into rejecting all the proposed associates in Annexe B. Once Serafin has insisted on installing himself in the garret — against all reasonable advice — he is going to discover that the kind of staff he needs will be young and agile , with a good knowledge of the backstairs of Government buildings and an ability to duck their heads and remain inclined slightly forwards for long periods of time .
6 For simplicity , we are going to assume that the rate charged on bank lending is identical to the rate of interest set by the Bank 's bill market operations , though in practice the lending rate is determined by a mark-up on money market rates .
7 They can also be used for tests for structural change , right , what we 're going to do is to say during peacetime right , we 'll estimate our model , we 'll then estimate our model during wartime and we 're going to assume that the coefficients or the income and price elasticity mark , do n't change during between peace and wartime , all that happens is as they intercept this model shifts , right , now you may thinks that 's not particularly er attractive , you might expect the price of income elasticities to change between two periods and we could actually use dummy variables to see whether that is the case , right , however , we 'll get very similar results , right , if you just use a slope dummy so it 'd intercept dummy , right , and all that 's going to do is to say , well the model runs like this in peacetime , right , and then wartime it suddenly shifts up or down depending on the effect of er of the war on textile consumption .
8 I am not going to whinge that the weather in Scotland is always colder than in England .
9 When are the courts going to realise that the public wants sentences that fit the crimes ?
10 Were we going to go for impersonal macro-solutions , or were we going to realise that the people were looking for us as their leaders to provide an answer to their difficulties ?
11 I 'm going to check that the microphone works before I start .
12 I , I was just going to say that the county surveyor said that everything comes to this committee before anything else happens , but of course it goes to the press before it comes to this committee and that shows with , with the
13 James Prior said unemployment levels were intolerable and Norman Tebbit said that he was going to prove that the problem was soluble .
14 After all , the bathroom and toilet provision ( one of each per floor ) is hardly luxurious , and you do n't have a bar , so some of the participants are going to feel that the surroundings are a bit on the spartan side .
15 Lead ingots from Phylakopi , Melos and Aghia Irini , Kea , the three votive lead boats from an Early Cycladic grave on Naxos , the use of lead for small figurines and bracelets as well as for rivets used in mending pots , all go to suggest that the silver used in the Aegean during the third millennium B.C. was derived from galena ores .
16 These are stock examples , but they go to show that the Greeks , however vaguely , were discovering in Rome something they did not possess themselves .
17 I can for myself see no argument in favour of the privilege against producing a document the contents of which may go to show that the holder has committed a criminal offence .
18 ‘ Which goes to show that the time was not ripe .
19 Keith Richardson says it was an excellent Gloucester performance and with Wales beating England it just goes to show that the formbook can be beaten and Gloucester could well beat Bath on Saturday if they run and tackle as hard as they did in this game .
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