Example sentences of "go on [to-vb] that [noun] " in BNC.

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1 It goes on to argue that scientists do not know enough about natural fluctuations in fish populations in the wild to be able to advise on how many can safely be taken at any time .
2 Beck goes on to stress that teachers must become more politically aware and involved , that they should adopt a thoroughly interactive role with those whom they teach and that they " must be growing in social , moral and spiritual characteristics " ( 1990:50 ) .
3 The report goes on to say that clean-up policy has been made on political rather than scientific grounds and that " less than 1 percent of the $4,200 million spent each year on hazardous-waste sites in the US has been used to evaluate health risks at listed Superfund sites . "
4 The summary goes on to say that Stirling had asked the Eighth Army for thirty more jeeps that had already been ordered .
5 After the passage quoted just above concerning the esteem in which Molla Fenari was held and his place in the state , and before passing on to the next event in his life , namely his going on the pilgrimage in 822 ( 8 Dhu " l-Hijja = 26 December 1419 ) , Ibn Hajar writes that Molla Fenari became widely known for his erudition and that he was both pious and abundant in culture and merit " except that he was censured for [ espousing ] the sect of Ibn al- " Arabi and for the fact that he taught the and affirmed it " : he goes on to say that Molla Fenari , on the advice of friends , abjured mention of the subject in Egypt .
6 Taskopruzade quotes from his father these words of Hocazade 's : " At the time when I was at the Sultan medrese in Bursa I was thirty-three years old and loved nothing save Taskopruzade goes on to say that Hocazade used to take more pride in having taught at the Sultan medrese than in having been kazasker or Mehmed II's Hoca .
7 The editorial goes on to say that Harrods had a perfect right to remove from its windows a product which alienated the customers , just as the V&A had not really committed an act of censorship .
8 This stress on words is interesting , since Pseudo-Ulpian goes on to say that intention is so important in trusts .
9 He goes on to add that children of non-custodial fathers who maintain contact after divorce generally demonstrate the most positive post-divorce outcome .
10 The review goes on to suggest that Italians are responsible for the introduction of organised crime into the United States .
11 Mr Saunders goes on to admit that broadcasters are not entirely blameless in this respect : ‘ More should no doubt have been done at an earlier stage in development of RDS to give the receiver manufacturing industry some guidelines setting out the minimum levels of RDS performance that should be achieved ’ .
12 This is crucial because Marx was to go on to argue that capitalism grew out of one such combination in feudalism .
13 This view is summarized in a memorandum sent to embassies abroad by the Foreign Office early in 1945 , arguing for a necessary linkage of diplomatic commitments to economic strength , but going on to state that Britain 's looming economic problems were likely to be temporary : ‘ It must , however , be stressed that , given skill and good fortune , our financial difficulties will be acute only during the immediate post-war years .
14 It should be stressed that the figures do not reflect the fact that a considerable number of respondents answered ‘ yes ’ to the principle of capping but went on to argue that institutions should receive nothing at all by way of grants ( see , for example , the response from the Legal Resources Group ) .
15 The French sociologist , whose sentence was more like a paragraph , went on to argue that death was something that we needed to share - it needed to be seen publicly .
16 She went on to explain that General Francis was a widower , and semi-invalid .
17 He went on to explain that Blufton was one of the first people to start seeing how much money could be made in the independent TV sector — the little companies that mushroomed all over Soho .
18 One New York arbitrageur described McCaw 's move as a smart one , and went on to predict that LIN would now finally agree to negotiate with its unwanted suitor .
19 That bloke phoned up about Batty and then went on to say that leeds ( Alan Roberts especially ) are equally bad to their own fans .
20 The Commission went on to say that detention could also be used ‘ to dispel or confirm … reasonable suspicion by questioning the suspect or seeking further material evidence with his assistance ’ .
21 The statement went on to say that UITF 3 ‘ clearly indicates that the goodwill component should be included as part of the profit or loss on disposal , and not distanced from it as a separate item .
22 The article went on to say that staff employed in the tourist industry were getting a raw deal , and that the government should take a hard line and introduce new legislation on taxation for the hotel industry .
23 Mr Ellis went on to say that sales had held up very well in the worst year for the retail trade that he had seen ‘ It reflects great credit on the sales team ’ he said .
24 But even he went on to say that gossip has ‘ a kind of divinity ’ .
25 It went on to claim that ISC was a ‘ highly cash-absorptive operation ’ .
26 She went on to claim that Elvis wanted to join his beloved mother Gladys , whose death had shattered him beyond repair .
27 While such statements could be interpreted as being passive rather than negative in terms of the advancement of building surveying , the Report went on to state that building surveyors ‘ have been less ebullient [ than quantity surveyors ] in recent years — partly because they are less numerous and their work less homogeneous or well defined ; but , to a large extent because they have made a less prolonged and concerted effort to develop their skills and explore the horizons of opportunity , although there has of late been a welcome resurgence in this respect ’ .
28 The author ( Roy price ) then went on to state that integration may not be ‘ practicable ’ ; and that ‘ segregation is a way to later integration ’ .
29 He went on to prove that earthquakes were the result of electrical disturbances of the air of which the movement of the Earth was a secondary effect , that sponges were not living creatures and that the deluge took place in the Autumn .
30 But he then went on to indicate that Britain would not necessarily be part of the new Europe when he said ‘ Great Britain , the British Commonwealth , mighty America , and I trust Soviet Russia … must be friends and sponsors of the new Europe and must champion its right to live and shine ’ .
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