Example sentences of "go on [to-vb] that the " in BNC.

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1 It goes on to state that the cell had no electricity and no floor covering , the prisoners were allowed few clothes and they received only two meals a day , one consisting of a single very small momo ( steamed bun ) and the other of a small cup of wormy vegetables .
2 The accounting policy note on associated undertakings goes on to state that the directors believe that equity accounting for associated undertakings would not give a true and fair view of the group 's income .
3 He goes on to state that the great coat charity is alive and is charged to Holborough Court Estate and was paid until his death by William Lee Esq .
4 He goes on to argue that the bourgeoisie have always used sections from within the ‘ dangerous classes ’ to control those who are overtly troublesome , perhaps following the maxim that ‘ it takes a thief to catch a thief ’ , when he argues : ‘ for one and a half centuries the bourgeoisie offered the following choices : you can go to prison or join the Army ; you can go to prison or go to the colonies ; you can go to prison or you can join the police ’ ( ibid. 23 ) .
5 He goes on to argue that the reality is different from the rhetoric .
6 He goes on to argue that the emergence of organised crime networks is bound to happen in a capitalist system .
7 Morris goes on to argue that the Melanau image of the spirit world reproduces this social environment by representing the cosmos as ‘ a kind of loose composite or ‘ international ’ society knit together by a commonly held ‘ rule of law ’ ' ( 1967 : 214 ) .
8 He goes on to argue that the situational theory , the defence of established institutions , most closely meets these criteria .
9 McLuhan then goes on to argue that the electric media are restoring many of the characteristics of speech : immediacy , aural and tactile rather than visual qualities , ambiguity , multiple points of view , non-linear montage , and collective experience .
10 Shanken goes on to argue that the factor analysis methodology may be manipulated by merely recombining a given set of securities and that therefore on its own the factor model is inadequate as it is incapable of economic interpretation .
11 Firbas goes on to explain that the non-theme consists of two elements : the transition and the rheme .
12 They use the 80860 as a vector processor for complementary co-operative processing , explains Parsys 's commercial director Ian Coburn , who goes on to stress that the company has no plans to use the Intel processor as a replacement for the delayed T9000 .
13 The paragraph goes on to hint that the report is in sympathy with calls for development in ‘ social lending ’ rather than commercial lending at this level .
14 Having argued that criticism of the trade surplus in Washington is misconceived , MITI 's forthcoming paper goes on to predict that the surplus will , of its own accord , gradually diminish in size and relevance :
15 He goes on to say that the main purpose of writing was to ‘ save from the wreck of time and the busy hand of man the best specimens of this mountain architecture , is one of the principal objects of the present publication …
16 The passage goes on to say that the Hart-Leap Well experience made William and Dorothy feel that their decision to settle at Grasmere was justified .
17 He goes on to say that the question is also : ‘ Where are we ( if anywhere at all ) ? ’
18 Jesus goes on to say that the time will come when the bridegroom will be taken away .
19 This report goes on to say that the attacks each took place at about midnight and were twenty days apart .
20 Microprocessor Report goes on to say that the clock-rate versus complexity tradeoff is one of the most important issues in superscalar design , but admits that straight clock-rate comparisons of parts is only partially fair because whilst it is true that ‘ a more complex design , such as used in SuperSparc and the 88110 , leaves less time for performance tuning the hardware , it is also the case that clock-rate was a major focus during the design of 21064 and 7100 chips . ’
21 She goes on to say that the justices came to the view that the justice on the Friday had had no power to remand Mr. Bell in custody until the Monday , as the remand did not fall within the terms of section 7(5) of the Act of 1976 and that , accordingly , they no longer had any jurisdiction to hear the matter .
22 Mentioning his education only in the most general terms , he goes on to say that the offices suitable for the likes of him appeared to be ( tedris , teaching ) and kada " here , the office of of which " one [ teaching ] is the intimate companion of poverty and need and the other [ kaza ] is unmitigated misfortune " .
23 And , and also that , he then goes on to say that the revolution , it is n't , it 's not a re re final thing , it 's not an insurrection , er he says it 's not like writing an essay , you know all these er analogies , that I mean basically the revolution is an over , it needs force er and i it 's , it is a violent , y y you do n't , in order for the revolution to have been a success it , it needs to be
24 He goes on to claim that the military are also involved .
25 Plekhanov next goes on to claim that the character traits of individuals , whether causally efficacious or not , are ‘ accidents ’ in relation to ‘ the historical destiny of nations ’ .
26 Halliday goes on to claim that the theme of the whole novel , in a way , is " transitivity " : the linguistic pattern of choices realizes a primitive pattern of cognition , which in turn is the key to the tragic vision of the novel .
27 The report goes on to claim that the people could only be taught " thrift and prudence " by men who would actually associate with them , thereby ensuring that the influence of " the imperishable youth of Oxford " would " induce them to face the elementary laws of economics . "
28 Levi goes on to insist that the real witnesses are those who died in the camps , and that those prisoners who did not were mostly compromised people or privileged people : Solzhenitsyn is cited as making the same point about the pridurki — the ‘ prominents ’ of the Gulag system .
29 He goes on to suggest that the amazing abilities of , say , Jesus and Elisha were ‘ natural capacities ’ which God took and ‘ used to a profitable end ’ .
30 He goes on to suggest that the ‘ mixture of bull-running , tipling and popery ’ was later used as a pretence by Edward VI to suppress the entire medieval guild system .
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