Example sentences of "times the size of " in BNC.

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1 It is nearly 10 times the size of the UK 's biggest industrial conglomerate , British Aerospace including its Rover car subsidiary , and dwarfs even the mighty Japanese motor manufacturers Toyota and Nissan .
2 The take-over of Mothercare , despite the fact it was three times the size of Habitat , seemed to make a lot of sense .
3 However brain size alone is not an absolute indication of intelligence - elephants , for example , have brains four times the size of our own .
4 A market three times the size of all the liberalising economies of Eastern Europe combined would suddenly be wide open .
5 The industry is dominated by Michelin , Goodyear and Bridgestone , each two to three times the size of either Continental or Pirelli .
6 But it could be argued that the policy of spending on bases rather than on troops has paid off since Saudi Arabia has been able to accommodate , with astonishing ease , a multinational army 20 times the size of its own .
7 That is not much in an outstanding total of $800 billion — three times the size of the junk-bond market — but it was still the third-worst year , by value , since the association started to keep records in the 1950s .
8 High-precision laboratories can produce results with error terms of less than plus/minus 20 years ; they employ very carefully controlled measurement procedures , but they also require samples three to four times the size of those used by normal-precision , conventional laboratories .
9 This close association of Church and Party may well have had a cost to the Church in limiting recruitment to people who are not committed supporters of the Official Unionist Party but , given that the DUP support is twenty times the size of the Free Church and that there is a large uncommitted population , this is probably not something which explains why more people do not join the Free Church .
10 Each contained around 100lb of Semtex high explosive , five times as much as was used to demolish the Grand Hotel , Brighton , during the 1984 Conservative conference and 40 times the size of an average car bomb .
11 Their high-energy laser programme , concentrating on chemical lasers , is three to five times the size of its US equivalent .
12 Gorillas are four times the size of chimps .
13 It should be visible to the naked eye as a fuzzy patch ( without a tail ) two to three times the size of the Moon , and moving at a relatively high speed — by about its own diameter every hour .
14 Outer and Inner Mongolia together are more than 13 times the size of mainland Britain .
15 This they achieved with stunning success , building up a trade several times the size of their previous home market .
16 Shifts in population can soon make a nonsense of the best efforts of the boundary commissions and it is not at all unusual for the largest constituency to be over three times the size of the smallest .
17 In cubic terms it is seven times the size of Louis XIV 's palace at Versailles .
18 Not if the grocery was three times the size of Findlater 's in Dublin would they send Maire and her sisters there .
19 Kathy 's in Perth is one of only two shops in WA devoted to machine knitting — in a state more than ten times the size of the UK .
20 Twice as large as the Atlantic and getting on for three times the size of the Indian Ocean , it is bigger than all the land surface of the earth , including Antarctica , and with Africa counted twice .
21 The two American editions — Pretence-Hall and Abrams — are more than ten times the size of the British one .
22 At the end of the Boulevard there sits the enormous Catherine Palace , baroque and three times the size of the Alexander Palace .
23 This land of little more than 2m people and 24m sheep , enclosed between China and Russia in an area three times the size of France , had already appealed for emergency food aid to get it through the winter when the worst snows for 50 years hit three provinces in the south-west .
24 It comes with a new 0.5 micron four-level metallisation CMOS CPU clocked at 50MHz which has a 32Kb on-chip cache , four times the size of the existing one .
25 Despite a disconcerting 85% plunge in net profits to just $94.5m , Fujitsu Ltd , bolstered by the acquisition of ICL Plc is putting rapidly increasing distance between itself and the other contenders for the title ‘ world 's second-biggest computer company ’ : some commentators illegitimately eliminate Fujitsu 's semiconductor sales from the total simply because the company sells more of its chip output on the merchant market than do IBM Corp , Digital Equipment Corp and Hewlett-Packard Co , but all of Fujitsu 's $26,640m annual turnover is information technology-related — and the company is now nearly twice the size of the $14,000m-a-year DEC , and well over a third the size of IBM ; only a decade ago , IBM was more like 10 times the size of the next biggest computer manufacturer .
26 Five times the size of Rutland , Buckinghamshire shows every symptom of several standards of assessment : numerous reductions in the Chiltern hundreds in 1524 reduced aggregate wealth from £97 to £67 per thousand acres , while in Buckingham hundreds it only dropped from £84 to £59 , but throughout the northern half of the shire many of the 1522 assessments were retained substantially unaltered , conceivably because the people concerned deemed it prudent to keep their mouths shut and pay up ; a significant number were actually uprated , perhaps penalised for having the gall to seek abatements , so attracting a further , more searching investigation of their means .
27 The capital was distinguished from provincial cities and towns on three counts : it was at least five times the size of any other , almost ten times as rich , and possessed a vastly more complex social and occupational structure .
28 Morgan Jr. , who in 1924 established his father 's library as a public institution now houses a book shop , education centre , lecture hall , staff offices and a conservation studio three times the size of the old one .
29 The appraiser reckoned that the Benton work was three times the size of Daugherty 's .
30 As the U.S. population is five times the size of Britain 's the U.K. 's reserves are now 2.5 times those of the U.S. on a per capita basis .
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