Example sentences of "on [to-vb] that the [noun] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ An ’ the bastard even went on to confirm that the bombs are set on time fuses , just sufficient to allow him an' his staff to escape , but not enough to allow them to be de-activated , or to evacuate the ordinary members from the building … an' most of them are just kids . ’
2 Plekhanov next goes on to claim that the character traits of individuals , whether causally efficacious or not , are ‘ accidents ’ in relation to ‘ the historical destiny of nations ’ .
3 A leader in the Times Higher Education Supplement called the plan to abolish the ILEA ‘ a disgraceful measure that plainly verges on maladministration ’ , and went on to claim that the abolition ‘ will set back education in London for a generation ’ .
4 The report goes on to claim that the people could only be taught " thrift and prudence " by men who would actually associate with them , thereby ensuring that the influence of " the imperishable youth of Oxford " would " induce them to face the elementary laws of economics . "
5 Halliday goes on to claim that the theme of the whole novel , in a way , is " transitivity " : the linguistic pattern of choices realizes a primitive pattern of cognition , which in turn is the key to the tragic vision of the novel .
6 ( 30 January - 3 February 1768 ) Leopold went on to report that the Emperor had in fact suggested that Mozart write an opera :
7 Michael 's lawyers have complained in a High Court writ that the label 's right to reject his work is unreasonable and the legal action goes on to allege that the distribution of profits from his albums ‘ Faith ’ and ‘ Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1 ’ was unfair .
8 Briault and West went on to comment that the headteachers in two of their studies gave a good deal of attention to the process through which individual teachers can change themselves .
9 But crucially , although oppressive confessions may be ruled out , the Act goes on to provide that the fact ‘ that a confession is wholly or partly excluded … shall not affect the admissibility in evidence of any facts discovered as a result of the confession ’ .
10 Garrett goes on to indicate that the harm may not only be physical , but may include mental and social suffering such as neglect ( withholding , e.g. food , fluid , washing facilities , or overmedicating ) ; exploitation ( often financial — misappropriation of pension , savings , jewellery ) ; psychological abuse ( ridicule , humiliation , removal of decision-making ) ; and even sexual abuse including rape , and not always against female elderly .
11 The accounting policy note on associated undertakings goes on to state that the directors believe that equity accounting for associated undertakings would not give a true and fair view of the group 's income .
12 He went on to state that the Party would definitely affiliate to the Labour Party if accepted as a " revolutionary organisation " .
13 It goes on to state that the cell had no electricity and no floor covering , the prisoners were allowed few clothes and they received only two meals a day , one consisting of a single very small momo ( steamed bun ) and the other of a small cup of wormy vegetables .
14 Indeed , Parkin goes on to suggest that the functionalist theory of stratification itself is an expression of the same value-system : no more than a rather sophisticated mechanism for providing a justification of unequal rewards .
15 However , Strawson goes on to suggest that the transformation in our attitudes which would be needed if we ever came to believe that all our actions had this character is beyond our capacities .
16 The tenth-century Arab document goes on to assert that the sect from whom the Nazarean text issued is still in existence , and is regarded as an elite amongst Christians .
17 They use the 80860 as a vector processor for complementary co-operative processing , explains Parsys 's commercial director Ian Coburn , who goes on to stress that the company has no plans to use the Intel processor as a replacement for the delayed T9000 .
18 They go on to submit that the term should in principle be read in its narrower sense although this might leave what they describe — we think euphemistically — as a ‘ small lacuna ’ in the law .
19 He had gone on to remark that the Toraja combined various features which were rarely found together : they had hunted heads , believed in a celestial origin , practised a primeval megalithism , built sophisticated architecture and produced a unique written ( or , rather , carved-and-painted ) language , which very few scholars can read .
20 The Committee in fact supported a ban on advertising , going on to conclude that the Government can not procrastinate any longer on the issue .
21 The court went on to record that the issues thus created had been narrowed by the acceptance on the part of the applicant 's counsel that the right of silence could not be invoked against the Director prior to the charge of the suspected person , and by counsel for the Director that if , as he submitted , the power to require information did not cease at the time of charge then it did not cease at all ( save in cases where the charge was not pursued ) until the investigation came to an end on the conviction or acquittal of the person charged .
22 [ The Board went on to hold that the contract was not voidable for economic duress — see below , pp. 237 , 64 ( 652 and Atiyah ( 1982 ) 98 L.Q.R. 197 and ( 1983 ) 99 L.Q.R. 353 and Tiplady ( 1983 ) 99 L.Q.R. 188 . ]
23 However , he went on to hold that the claim failed on another ground , viz. , that as a general rule there will , as a matter of policy , be no recovery of taxes paid pursuant to legislation which is unconstitutional or otherwise invalid .
24 Barnett J. went on to hold that the district judge had mistakenly overlooked the reversal of the burden of proof at the second stage but that this had not vitiated his assessment of the material and arguments , nor his arrival at the correct conclusion that the prosecution had discharged the burden thus placed upon it .
25 He went on to argue that the bill violated fiscal discipline and would have destroyed jobs and undermined small businesses .
26 I will go on to argue that the finding as to ‘ maleness ’ , though regrettable , should not have precluded a finding that there was a marriage .
27 Shanken goes on to argue that the factor analysis methodology may be manipulated by merely recombining a given set of securities and that therefore on its own the factor model is inadequate as it is incapable of economic interpretation .
28 The proposal went on to argue that the development of library skills would be a natural consequence of project involvement since it would involve " more practice in the skills of retrieval " .
29 Kaunda went on to argue that the image or interpretation given by the press of a particular government coloured attitudes to it internationally :
30 Morris goes on to argue that the Melanau image of the spirit world reproduces this social environment by representing the cosmos as ‘ a kind of loose composite or ‘ international ’ society knit together by a commonly held ‘ rule of law ’ ' ( 1967 : 214 ) .
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