Example sentences of "for the first time [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 She could recall the excitement of spending for the first time money she had actually earned .
2 Media coverage of the CIOB has increased significantly and for the first time coverage has been obtained at national level on television , radio and in the press .
3 This year BMW will make about 580,000 cars and for the first time outstrip Mercedes .
4 The marquis 's voice had softened and for the first time Topaz gave him a wide smile .
5 For the first time exercise was an end in itself .
6 A fine comedy resulted , as the high culture of pre-war Vienna was reduced to eight discs , one book ( Goethe 's poems ) , one luxury ( a bath-tub ) , and responses to such questions as ‘ What should a person going into an art gallery for the first time look for ? ’
7 ( The Abbey 's building and contents insurance must be taken out to qualify for the first time buyer 's discount ) .
8 It 's also important for the first time buyer .
9 All problems resolved in one go because now for the first time question of optimum distance becomes an issue for the viewer .
10 For the first time government forces used fighter-bombers to attack rebel positions .
11 Of those citing health reasons , the most important factor was concern about cholesterol content , but for the first time BSE — so-called mad cow disease — featured in the reasons given .
12 Balancing the books is going to be tricky … going on recent balance sheets around three million pounds will be needed up front to pay off debts and buy the Maxwell family shares … and then presumably more money will have to be invested to beat off losses of fifteen thousand pounds a week … the club 's managing director Pat McGeough is hoping to do a deal within the next few days … its not simple … its not clear cut … but for the first time win weeks United are confident about the future
13 We have a new series for the first time breeder by Jane van Lennep taken from her superb new book First Foal .
14 First Foal is a delightful , yet highly practical , book for the first time breeder .
15 The Albanian authorities on Feb. 22 , 1990 , published for the first time information on the size of the country 's prison population .
16 For the first time visitor to the area , or local walkers looking for something new , this is an excellent guide providing a good foundation to appreciate this little known and one of the least spoilt areas of England .
17 For the first time 18- and 19-year-olds were permitted to vote in national parliamentary elections [ see p. 38110 ] .
18 But live , for the first time viewer , they can only hope to achieve a possible connection via the actual presentation and general ‘ sound ’ .
19 Worse still , by the end of May there were indications that for the first time German losses might be exceeding those of the French ; within a week one completely new brigade had been as good as wiped out .
20 There will be an increased focus on paperbacks and audio books , and for the first time author features and interviews .
21 Our findings reveal for the first time death rates of babies born before term who survive into late adult life , although duration of gestation was recorded for only half of the men .
22 SPORT : For the first time soccer is not represented in a final although there were plenty of nominations including John Aldridge , Peter Beardsely and Steve McManamann .
23 The quality of consular services was improved in a number of cases , notably in Britain where a departmental committee of 1903 introduced for the first time recruitment of consuls by limited competition ( instead of as hitherto purely by nomination of the secretary of state for foreign affairs ) and a rationalised salary structure .
24 For the first time dictionary writers and language researchers will be able to show how words are used in ordinary every day conversation .
25 For the first time cash market traders could hedge interest rate sensitive investments with a near comparable futures equivalent .
26 For the first time population could increase with a declining grain price and a less than commensurate food output , subsisting on grain imports paid for by manufactures ; ‘ It is one of the most striking ironies of intellectual history that Malthus should have fashioned his analysis just at the time when it was about to cease to be applicable to the country in which he lived ’ ( Wrigley 1986 ) .
27 I then zealous to understand I I er , er , erm sought it Statutes , Volume thirty-three nineteen ninety three edition and studied most carefully pages six hundred and seventy-five to six hundred and seventy-seven and there I found an account of what has happened to Sections two and three and also for the first time light was shed upon Section two A. My Lords , I have from time to time ventured to express some doubt as to whether our legislative procedures were as excellent , as I 'm sure Your Lordships would wish them to be and when I recently suggested in the most mild terms to Her Majesty 's Government that they might consider some form of enquiry into our legislative procedures to see whether as they were as high class as they should be , erm I was given a very negative reply the clear influence of which was that the our legislative procedures could not possibly be improved and My Lords I do really think with respect that that is a proposition which is open to doubt .
28 For the first time Bonanza showed some emotion .
29 The drilling provided for the first time borehole information on the age and evolution of the Great Barrier Reef Pore morphology was seen to be a control on both the resistivity and velocity logs , and when combined with Formation Micro Scanner data , should enable laboratory research to provide the basis of enhanced geological interpretation of the downhole geophysical logs .
30 We all walk a certain amount every day of our lives , even if we are sedentary , and that is easier than starting from scratch for the first time jogging or cycling .
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