Example sentences of "can i just [vb infin] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Can I , can I just draw attention to an error under paragraph one nine two , the date at the beginning of the second line should be first December , sorry first October , nineteen ninety three , not tenth of December .
2 Can I just get clarification here ?
3 Can I , can I just say chairman , finally for point of clarification in case there 's any doubt about it I 'm not looking to turn it into the , into an absolutely like efficient business you know and everything succumbs to that .
4 Can I just say sir , we are , er , the manager is preparing a report , tonight plans a report for the February the twenty-second meeting of policy resources committee , on the first , well it 's not the first year , first tranche of the F M contract , and dealing with these points of the
5 Can can I just add sir o one point I I in my in my preamble I said that we were sometimes able from a local point of view to take into account information locally that perhaps you would n't have got from further afield .
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