Example sentences of "can i [vb infin] a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 How can I fix a gate post to a wall ?
2 Can I watch a video ? ’
3 Can I watch a tape !
4 Mum can I make a phone call ?
5 Can I make a plug for the Glasgow underground system
6 I KNOW it is an old problem but can I make a plea for the Skerne to be cleaned up .
7 Ca , can I make a point about the tick now ?
8 Can I make a point to ya .
9 Nicky can I make a point ?
10 Can I make a point .
11 Can I make a point ?
12 Can I make a point please ?
13 Er , can I make a point ?
14 Can I make a point on this
15 Can I make a comment on that and that the these houses are and oh ev er we have been been into consultation with Newton Sherwood District Council , since we er since the the first application
16 Can I make a cake for tea ?
17 How can I make a glass box look like a stream ?
18 Mum , what can I make a paddle out of ?
19 Can I make a suggestion missus ? ’ he asked .
20 Chair can I make a suggestion quite clearly a large number of people have made some very good and valid recommendations or suggestions to you and the board this evening and you 've said on many occasions this evening the board will obviously go away discuss those and take a view on the particular ideas .
21 Greatly daring , Ruth said , ‘ Can I make a suggestion ?
22 Well can I make a suggestion that you add it all to the list of the things to discuss it is .
23 Can I make a suggestion about , probably not relevant to B T but might be relevant to the other continuous jobs , if like health care it nearly follows the procedure that you 've got at the moment and that is that in that procedure you have somewhere a line that says that your continuous jobs at the beginning of the job , or early on in the job , in the master job file there is put a note of which parts of the procedure apply and which parts do n't , or how filing is done , or whatever bit is different , which allows you the flexibility for each job to have it 's own , to have it 's own small procedure that forms part of the master job file , that says this is how this one is done , if those differences are very small .
24 Can I make a suggestion to you , that I think that if you go through these you will come to the conclusion that there are two ways for doing this and one is that for example the majority of the ones that Stella 's got where she feels she can make the decision it is only going to affect her you come in with it already done , redlined new where you think there is going to be some discussion , you go through , you put together in the same way as Simon has done reasoning around it .
25 Can I make a suggestion rather than re-numbering all those , its going to be quite a long job , is that from what I can see at the moment there is no reason why that ca n't be added on as a last sentence to nine anyway , cause nine says you records the outcome of the enquiry , .
26 Can I make a suggestion then that on this we change the suggested If you just put down that the enquiry form is farmed by the researchers full stop , and leave any related documents entirely up to the discretion of each and
27 Can , can I make a suggestion to you on this point and that is that rather than worrying about the date of the document itself which makes sense just to put January or something like that , what you actually keep a careful record of and this can be with the issue and such like , is the date from which that procedure is required to be worked to , which would be the issue date as opposed to any date that it was typed or agreed or anything like that .
28 Can I make a suggestion .
29 Can I make a suggestion ?
30 Can I make a cup of tea ?
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