Example sentences of "go some way to " in BNC.

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1 Sir Kenneth Newman — then commandant — suggests that the book 's claim to attention is that its contents are contributed by insiders ; while in their introduction , the authors claim it goes some way to challenging Holdaway 's claim ( 1979 ) that ‘ research from the Police Staff College has not resulted in a major project on the police ’ .
2 It is a humdrum enough explanation which goes some way to explaining why most public appointments are so dull .
3 Its cover goes some way to explaining its theme : an immaculately manicured female hand crushing a pair of golf balls .
4 It is difficult to avoid the comparison with present day Germany in relation to the other states of the EC and the quotation goes some way to explaining the motives for closer integration .
5 The social relations of production under which land is used is a key and pervasive element in the explanation of soil erosion ; it also goes some way to explaining the nature of the state — which intervenes and influences the use of land in all sorts of ways .
6 A procedure called hanning , named after its protagonist , a nineteenth century Austrian meteorologist called Julius von Hann , goes some way to meeting these criticisms .
7 The idea goes some way to explaining why some individuals with red cell mutations are immune to Plasmodium infection .
8 The letter goes some way to explaining the 14 months delay between June 1981 , when harmful side-effects from Opren were first reported to an international conference , and August 1982 when the drug was withdrawn .
9 The index goes some way to overcoming these problems .
10 This booklet goes some way to providing a resource .
11 Environment Minister David Maclean told an audience at Tory Central Office : ‘ The rain of the last few days goes some way to replenishing the reservoirs .
12 The second technical achievement which goes some way to explaining Ramsay 's success , is his superb draughtsmanship .
13 Of course clubs such as Neath and Pontypool are not really supposed to be at the head of the Welsh pecking-order , which goes some way to explaining why they become so unpopular when they do .
14 More recent work on observation of , rather than experiment with thinking ( Johnson-Laird and Wason , 1977 ) goes some way to restoring the balance in appraising all the relevant parameters in a real situation where thinking is taking place .
15 Germany 's First Air Force , by Peter Kiduff , goes some way to redressing the balance with the story of the German Air Force during World War One .
16 This goes some way to explaining why the complicated campaigns within Toulouse in the second half of the century were largely fought out under the banners of the Angevin , Aragonese , and French kings ; and why the revolts of Henry II 's sons had widespread ramifications .
17 All this formed a background to the first century of crusading ; and it goes some way to explaining the more secular aspects of the magnetism which drew French knights to take up the cross in their thousands .
18 The Great Detective , for all that he figures in mere detective stories , is a figure to parallel with the great poet and the great scientist because in solving the sort of genuinely baffling mystery that confronts him , in fact he goes some way to solving a yet greater mystery , the mystery of the human personality .
19 On the one hand , setting and enforcing more adequate levels of child support goes some way to redressing the balance of the current situation where the costs of supporting children fall almost entirely on the mother .
20 The autobiographical source of the novel also goes some way to explaining the method of presentation of Antoine 's character which at a personal level reflects a tension between a father and a son , and at a historical level reflects a tension between two different epochs .
21 The examination is a collection of questions and individually a question goes some way to satisfying the requirements of the examination .
22 A basic page printer comes with a controller and not a RIP which goes some way to explaining the lack of control that can be achieved with printers like HP 's LaserJet and Ricoh 's 4080 .
23 And while it has doubtless occurred to the company 's editors that such a policy goes some way to covering their asses in the event of attack by ‘ patriotic ’ critics , the benefit to the viewer is no less valuable for that .
24 ‘ The Comp ’ goes some way to redressing the balance .
25 I hope that that goes some way to meeting my hon. Friend 's points .
26 As recorded by Fredegar , the Byzantine link , with the emperor Maurice , is chronologically impossible , but the presence of vast quantities of Byzantine coin in Childeric 's grave goes some way to supporting the idea that he did have support from the eastern Empire .
27 It is hoped that this chapter goes some way to redressing the balance : relative prices do matter in the General Theory , though they do not adjust in the manner suggested by the classical writers and by their monetarist/new classical descendants .
28 Mr Campbell added : ‘ Anything which goes some way to alleviating this problem has to be a good thing . ’
29 Top-quality Scotch beef is replacing more expensive German beef in Italy and the price for the best and heaviest home-killed bullocks has been forced up to £1,000 a head — which goes some way to explaining why fresh meat is suddenly so much dearer in shops .
30 But even if the relative lack of profitable investment opportunities goes some way to explaining the poor investment rate , then if US business had felt itself under more pressure , it might have made greater efforts to improve technology .
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