Example sentences of "for the [num ord] time " in BNC.

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1 He and his partner , Gary Armstrong , playing together in a major international for the 25th time , plus a few other Scots , must have booked their places on the forthcoming British Lions tour to New Zealand .
2 I could be bathing the children , watching that Thomas the Tank Engine video for the 100th time
3 For the second time in his life the icy fingers of death pierced his innermost self .
4 As expected , Martina , fresh from victory in the Dow Classic in Birmingham , proceeded unharmed to the final , defeating Amanda Coetzer and Brenda Schulz for the second time in a week , Mary Joe Fernandez , and Heather Ludloff , all in straight sets .
5 He did this after he had cut the grooves for the second time in the stretchers .
6 We learned for the second time that old London Underground trains never die : they are sold for another quarter-century 's work on the Isle of Wight .
7 Until last year , Longchamp was the only place to be , but now Phoenix Park in Dublin , where the Cartier Million will be staged for the second time tomorrow , provides a tempting alternative .
8 A CONVICTED mass murderer has , for the second time , bloodied the nose , metaphorically speaking , of Malcolm Rifkind , the Secretary of State for Scotland , by successfully pursuing a claim for damages .
9 JOHN WHITAKER scooped his sponsor 's pool at the Horse of the Year Show for the second time running on the spring-heeled Next Milton , when winning last night 's Next International Masters , writes Genevieve Murphy .
10 ALI NORRISH , the Oxford University Boat Club president , offered to resign last night after failing her first-year engineering examinations for the second time .
11 A packed City Hall did not have long to wait as Lewis roared in with several more stinging rights and left hooks and when Garber was floored for the second time he had no chance of beating the count .
12 He had just won the competitive Cambridgeshire Handicap for the second time in three years .
13 Yesterday Silvino Francisco became his victim for the second time .
14 Last month the company warned , for the second time this year , that profits would be disappointing .
15 The third weakness is that the method adopted to conquer inflation for the second time — raising the interest rate — only works by inflicting pain on borrowers , both corporate and domestic .
16 I slung my rifle over my shoulder and clutching the bottle of wine I crossed the bridge for the second time , heading east , turning to wave to the couple at the door of the café .
17 The Reykjavik summit , when President Reagan met Mr Gorbachev for the second time , led to a notable strain between Washington and London .
18 It was a foregone conclusion that Haslam would for the second time in his career find himself ‘ pitch-forked ’ into a retrenchment programme .
19 Brian Little has become the first man to win the Vauxhall Conference manager of the month award , worth £250 , for the second time in succession , for Darlington 's unbeaten run throughout October .
20 Greece embarked on a fortnight of party negotiations following the failure of the two main parties to secure a clear majority in national balloting for the second time this year .
21 Yesterday they lost for the second time when they fell 6-7 , 7-6 , 6-3 , 6-4 to Todd Witsken of the United States and Jorge Lozano of Mexico .
22 Yesterday they lost for the second time when they fell 6-7 , 7-6 , 6-3 , 6-4 to Todd Witsken of the United States and Jorge Lozano of Mexico .
23 JANSHER KHAN narrowly avoided a ban but was fined for the second time in six weeks by the International Squash Players Association yesterday — and lost ranking points which may cost him his world No.1 spot .
24 Not a snap or a twang , but the hamstring had gone for the second time in successive matches .
25 CAMBRIDGE survived a frantic succession of alarms and excursions to win the 108th University Match and lift the Bowring Bowl for the second time in five seasons at Twickenham yesterday .
26 In August 1971 , the same year in which he married for the second time , Canetti 's brother , Georg , was dying .
27 A warning was issued by the National Rivers Authority in Shrewsbury that the swollen River Severn was expected to burst its banks overnight for the second time in a week .
28 With the federal government under increasing strain , Yugoslavia devalued the dinar for the second time in four months , this time by 31% .
29 Once again , Botham won the toss and chose to field as the pitch looked as though it would be most lively on the first morning , and for the second time his decision could not really be criticized .
30 Victory by 92 runs meant that Clive Lloyd was holding aloft the Prudential World Cup for the second time .
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