Example sentences of "the [num ord] time [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 An hour later , the second time zone results should be coming in from the Mid-West .
2 ‘ This is only the second time Derry has got through to the final in 35 years , so tickets this year are like gold dust , ’ he said .
3 The second time through you miss out the first time bar ( 8 ) and take the second time bar ( 9 ) and continue on with bars 10 , 11 etc .
4 ‘ Sometimes we can argue , but on this occasion we 'll have to throw ourselves on the mercy of the court because once again , and this was the second time running , simple , basic errors cost us the game . ’
5 Middlesbrough is hoping its bid will be lucky for the second time running .
6 We can measure the effects of some of the problems listed earlier , by using only the observations at the second time point .
7 For example , the child 's home experiences may have changed during the same period , thus helping or hindering language development , or the fact that the child is older during the second time period may influence language performance .
8 It 's the second time van driver Martin Clarke has been convicted of drink-driving .
9 ( The Mackinnons hosted them here twice , the second time being at the end of September after the pair had crossed the island to catch a boat for islands south of Skye . )
10 While it would be possible to restrict the use of some of these functions to particular staff , all are within the comprehension of the first time user .
11 She could recall the excitement of spending for the first time money she had actually earned .
12 Handball Although Merseyside is a hotbed of the sport , with no fewer than five national league men 's and women 's team , this is the first time handball has been included in the Games .
13 This is the first time WGEC has sponsored trainees through two years of full-time education .
14 One shop steward remarked that , ‘ that is the first time management have trained us as they would train one another .
15 ( The Abbey 's building and contents insurance must be taken out to qualify for the first time buyer 's discount ) .
16 Since Melanee wants a loan of less than 70 per cent of the value of her first home , she can have the pick of the first time buyer discounts .
17 It 's also important for the first time buyer .
18 Most sales are under the 60,000 pound mark , and low mortgage rates and other incentives are geared to the first time buyer .
19 The mid-terraced property in Snowdrop Street , Liverpool 15 will be of special appeal to the first time buyer and is close to all local amenities .
20 This is not the first time golf has stumbled on its projected step into the 21st century .
21 For the first time government forces used fighter-bombers to attack rebel positions .
22 All problems resolved in one go because now for the first time question of optimum distance becomes an issue for the viewer .
23 No , you were right the first time boy !
24 This will be the first time Bamert has conducted the work — ‘ the RSNO think I suggested it , and I think they did ’ — exactly ten years to the month since he made his debut with the then Scottish National Orchestra .
25 For the first time exercise was an end in itself .
26 Er mm I do n't think so because the , the , we , we are with all of this we are still in north China so this was the first time land reform has come .
27 The marquis 's voice had softened and for the first time Topaz gave him a wide smile .
28 This year BMW will make about 580,000 cars and for the first time outstrip Mercedes .
29 It is the first time aviation experts and the rescue services have held a joint conference on the importance of working together .
30 Chettle back into the Leicester half now Thomson and Agnew combining well and the first time Ball volleyed out towards Ormanroyd .
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