Example sentences of "are of the [noun pl] " in BNC.

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1 Yet … such concepts as ‘ quantitative and qualitative superiority ’ , ‘ nuclear war as a continuation of politics ’ and ‘ victory in a nuclear war ’ are as much a feature , if not more so , of the political-military literature of the [ Chief Political Directorate ] as they are of the journals and books which are more clearly military .
2 We have I have got I we have produced for you today , some detailed plans showing you what the capacities are of the routes , what the present flows are and what the effects of the new settlement will be upon those capacities .
3 Her portraits are largely of summer visitors , but some are of the seafarers who live all year round at Sheringham and have done so for generations .
4 The more there are of the stay-at-homes , the less warm the welcome for foreign rivals on the home ground .
5 The famous ‘ spider woman ’ of Erddig duly appears on the cover of The Servants ' Hall , but most of the accounts are of the menservants .
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