Example sentences of "some of the [noun pl] " in BNC.

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1 But , as the table shows , after adjustment for inflation some of the mergers that took place during this century 's three previous spates of restructuring — 1897–1904 , 1925–30 and the late 1960s — were as big as the top takeovers of the 1980s .
2 This example suggests some of the conundrums or dilemmas facing policymakers in the 19705 and 1980S .
3 The weather has been wonderful and some of the monuments and art are amazing .
4 Just as a sub-lessee may be required by his sub-lease to comply with some of the covenants in the head-lease , and is answerable to his sub-lessor if he should breach those covenants , so rule 2.12(1) provides a régime in which appointed representatives will be subject to the Norwich Union , not directly to Lautro .
5 Some of the cupboards containing the stock had been unlocked but others had been kicked in .
6 However , Mr Lewis 's engagingly informal manner , and his statement at dinner that the United States ‘ would always stand on the side of justice and did n't mind admitting mistakes had been made at Versailles ’ seemed to do much to win the confidence of his lordship 's ‘ home team' ; as dinner progressed , the conversation had slowly but surely turned from topics such as the merits of Mr Lewis 's native Pennsylvania back to the conference ahead , and by the time the gentlemen were lighting their cigars , some of the speculations being offered appeared to be as intimate as those exchanged prior to Mr Lewis 's arrival .
7 Some of the speculations have been extremely silly — and this is not to talk solely of the outpourings of the more sensationalist flying-saucer fans and their ‘ little green men ’ .
8 Some of the precautions taken to secure the safety of the Royal Train in the 19th and early 20th centuries were quite elaborate .
9 Nothing , compared to some of the prices going about in here !
10 The falsity of the impression that all private press books are expensive is demonstrated by the fact that fourteen examples from the Essex House ( 3 ) , Vale ( 1 ) , Shakespeare Head ( 1 ) , Riccardi ( 1 ) , Nonesuch ( 3 ) , Golden Cockerel ( 4 ) and Gregynog ( 1 ) presses fell in the price range £18-£40 , and the uniformity of some of the prices suggests that only protective reserves pushed them as high as that .
11 Mind , you would n't believe some of the prices they charge up West , talk about daylight robbery .
12 I was just looking at some of the prices they want for the property .
13 It was dark and some of the merchants had lit the lantern-horns outside their doors , whilst Athelstan glimpsed the beacon light shining red and full in the steeple of St Mary Le Bow .
14 If you use brilliant white flowers , such as larkspur or some of the daisies , you must ensure that there are several light tones in the picture , otherwise one 's eye will automatically focus on the white flowers and only then fall back on to the rest of the picture .
15 Some of the demonstrators withdrew into narrow side-streets , but the square promptly filled again with people as soon as the gas began to disperse .
16 Some of the demonstrators were denied access to the Diamond by police tenders drawn up across Shipquay Street but after a time the RUC withdrew altogether and the Diamond was filed by the vast crowd .
17 Yet the incident may have been deliberately provoked : some of the demonstrators were armed , and fired back at the police .
18 Some of the demonstrators , Tass reported , had put forward ‘ nationalist , anti-socialist slogans ’ and had called for strikes , civil disobedience and the liquidation of Soviet power in Georgia ; some ‘ extremists ’ had been armed with sticks , stones and metal objects .
19 We can conjecture that some of the slaves had bought themselves to serfdom ; that penury had compelled the free to sell their freedom for bread .
20 There was no taboo in this land against male nakedness , and some of the slaves were women .
21 Finally the Secretary of State bowed to the inevitable , and agreed to abolish the ILEA in 1990 , although he personally had expressed doubts about the ability of some of the boroughs to provide an effective education service .
22 Some of the suspicions raised by Mr Brown , particularly questions surrounding the tax treatment of trading losses , suggest the final figure could be substantially higher .
23 This was erected in 1801 at about the same time as some of the farmhouses in the parish .
24 One of the first ground rules to be established was the use of point shoes , initially with the characters of Titania and Hippolyta — to give them heightened significance as ‘ sort of goddess figures ’ — but later extended to some of the fairies as well .
25 It is also a politically neutral location which is vital with respect to some of the datasets it contains .
26 Some of the warnings in Roger Bullock 's chapter about faulty use of information are demonstrated in the points made by Martin Knapp about the use of cost information to come to flawed conclusions .
27 She is , gave her some of the warnings that er
28 It will tell the story of how the rules of the sport were established , the great men and institutions behind them … and some of the scandals .
29 At first some of the monks were loath to enter on a long and expensive case before the pope , but they had among their number a man of mature years , called Thomas of Marlborough , who had been at the schools of Paris and who had taught at Oxford .
30 Some of the antibodies , NCRC-11 and SM3 ( against polymorphic epithelial mucin ) , 198 and 228 ( against carcinoembryonic antigen ) , and PSAP and PSA ( against prostate specific antigen ) , gave comparable results and in discriminate analysis knowledge of reactivity of both antibodies in each of these pairs did not provide appreciable additional information .
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