Example sentences of "some way to [v-ing] " in BNC.

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1 The paper accepted at the November Council on ‘ Suggested Changes to Branch Recruitment ’ will go some way to addressing these problems .
2 I hope these observations go some way to addressing your concerns .
3 While the Environment Protection Act will go some way to addressing the situation it does not seem to take into account those owners who will not care if their dog is impounded and destroyed and certainly will not pay to save it .
4 This statement goes some way to addressing the recommendations in section 9 [ 9.1.2 ]
5 The whole anthem affair has been dealt with and the minute 's silence at Newlands went some way to repairing the damage of Ellis Park .
6 It went some way to repairing their damaged pride after their defeat by Swindon Town at the weekend , Mickey Inotta was there ; Mickey it must have cheered you up a bit .
7 But through sensitive playing and a warm humorous script by Bennett , the play went some way to portraying the normality of life with a daughter who is ‘ not quite right ’ .
8 It would have been impossible to predict the way events developed after October 1917 , and the policy of the Party seemed on numerous grounds to be the most sensible , the only one which went some way to reconciling the need for large economic units ( which , rightly or wrongly , was assumed to be decisive for material progress ) and for democracy , understood as the right of peoples to choose their own State .
9 He also argues his idea would go some way to helping save the rainforest , part of which is used to make charcoal .
10 A procedure called hanning , named after its protagonist , a nineteenth century Austrian meteorologist called Julius von Hann , goes some way to meeting these criticisms .
11 Grants , trust money and corporate giving will go to some way to meeting the bill but support from individuals will play a very important part .
12 The Boards ' lines of defence against this — replacement costs were hypothetical and difficult to estimate , tax complications might follow — read like a weary defence of the status quo , but the Ministry did in the end accept that their creation of special ad hoc depreciation reserves did go some way to meeting the point .
13 I hope that that goes some way to meeting my hon. Friend 's points .
14 The draft went some way to meeting ANC demands for curbs on political parties and the security forces .
15 Although we accept the Government 's recent concessions go some way to meeting the concerns expressed at second reading , we believe an additional amendment is crucial .
16 Last night , Mr Robinson said Mr Brooke 's speech had gone some way to getting dialogue ‘ back on the rails . ’
17 Coun Bill Dixon ( Lab ) , chairman of the committee , said he was delighted to be involved in a scheme which will go some way to easing the town 's critical housing shortage .
18 Germany 's First Air Force , by Peter Kiduff , goes some way to redressing the balance with the story of the German Air Force during World War One .
19 Hopefully this brief article will go some way to redressing this .
20 On the one hand , setting and enforcing more adequate levels of child support goes some way to redressing the balance of the current situation where the costs of supporting children fall almost entirely on the mother .
21 ‘ The Comp ’ goes some way to redressing the balance .
22 It is hoped that this chapter goes some way to redressing the balance : relative prices do matter in the General Theory , though they do not adjust in the manner suggested by the classical writers and by their monetarist/new classical descendants .
23 However , Jim Turle , the director of communications at Lang brothers , said that while Mr Lamont had gone some way to redressing the balance , he had by no means levelled the playing field .
24 This booklet goes some way to providing a resource .
25 While English law has gone some way to providing a reasons requirement there are still significant gaps .
26 New observations go some way to patching up that discrepancy but also bring difficulties of their own .
27 In masochism the energy is directed on to the ego , not an object , where the ego is itself libidinized as in narcissism. rn this way Freud had moved some way to producing a new synthesis of the three dichotomies : ego instincts , and sexual instincts ; ego and object choices within one set of instincts only , the sexual instincts ; and , finally , the life instincts ( sexual ) and the death instincts .
28 These experiments do not support the notion that poor readers are unlikely to use context when reading , and go some way to suggesting that it is the poor readers who rely on context to aid their weak word-recognition skills .
29 Sterling 's suspension from the Exchange Rate Mechanism restored freedom of manoeuvre to the Chancellor , who then celebrated this by going some way to dismantling the interest rates whose exaggerated level was needed to keep sterling in touch with the DM within the ERM .
30 As recorded by Fredegar , the Byzantine link , with the emperor Maurice , is chronologically impossible , but the presence of vast quantities of Byzantine coin in Childeric 's grave goes some way to supporting the idea that he did have support from the eastern Empire .
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