Example sentences of "it 's just that [pers pn] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 It 's not er a really a teaching which er is important , it 's just that they know that er we have a Sikh assembly and since then er I have found er they have a type of great moral courage , they 're proud of themselves .
2 ‘ And also , when you meet them , they 're exactly the same people — it 's just that they 've got different accents .
3 It 's just that they 've probably got so tired of putting petrol in each year
4 Well no , do n't pay for any privilege , it 's just that they 've
5 I did n't want to quarrel in front of Flora — it seemed humiliating over something so small — so I said , ‘ Well , it 's just that they seemed so happy and fond of each other .
6 No it 's just that they take ages and ages and ages cos Dundee will ask Nottingham , Nottingham will ask us to bring the notes back , then we 'll send them to Nottingham , Nottingham will send them to Dundee , Dundee will send them to your G P .
7 ‘ Ah , ’ she said , ‘ it 's just that they bow a lot . ’
8 It 's just that they say if you 're doing physics sometimes you know this might help you
9 It 's just that they reminded me so much of the poor child my husband killed .
10 Well that 's debatable I think they 've got plenty of people up here to do it it 's just that they do n't want to do it .
11 It 's just that they have real effects .
12 It 's just that we 've received soooooo many queries asking ‘ when ’ , ‘ who ’ and ‘ … how much ’ that we 've decided to give you the full story here ( maybe NOW you 'll stop inundating us with begging letters ! )
13 It 's just that we 've learnt to pay more attention to what we 're doing and use our budget wisely . ’
14 It 's just that we 've learnt to pay more attention to what we 're doing and use our budget wisely . ’
15 I do n't think it 's any worse now , it 's just that we 've written no about it .
16 It 's just that we went down there .
17 Right , it 's just that we had this issue in support of other research a questionnaire and in support key divisions , sorry , key departments have lists of named individuals who can authorise questionnaires .
18 It 's just that we thought the programme might benefit from a new face .
19 Perhaps it 's just that we do n't have enough of those long , thin granite cracks .
20 It 's just that we do n't do it grammatically .
21 It 's just that we do n't want anything to ruffle the Khedive 's hair just when the negotiations are approaching a delicate stage . ’
22 They might have been done , it 's just that we do n't know .
23 I do n't Albert do n't mind going for her cigs , but it 's just that we do n't get up early in the morning , you know , and if me mum 's ringing at eight o'clock in the morning , 'cos she got no cigs .
24 Yeah , we can always get hold of them it 's just that we do n't carry them , we 're a small branch you see
25 It 's just that we do rather more sophisticated versions sometimes of very similar things which are done at school , but they might be done more precisely , simply in a rather more sophisticated way .
26 It 's just that we have to see the hearth if we 're to know you 're in an old farmhouse .
27 It 's just that we have n't got any resistance to the kind of germs they 're used to .
28 It 's just that we have a little surprise for you and we did n't want Mr Woodentop spoiling it . ’
29 It 's just that we have n't found it yet . ’
30 But I 'll have to be very careful with it I I do expect , I would expect , that there would be inquiries for that kind of investment here erm it 's just that we have n't any major ones in the last couple of years of that type because the overall framework here is opposed to it .
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